I couldn't do ./configure in the portable strawberry perl .bat file shell.
What shell do you use?

Alien::SDL2 will just have SDL2 for now. The other libraries don't work
with SDL2 as of yet.

On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 4:22 PM, kmx <k...@volny.cz> wrote:

> Hi Kartik & Tobias,
> 1/ as for building strawberry perl binaries:
> - I use MSYS shell + gcc included in straberry perl
> - it builds fine without any patching simply by running: ./configure &&
> make
> it seems like DirectX headers included in strawberry's gcc (I am using the
> latest 5.16.2) play well with SDL2
> checking d3d9.h usability... yes
> checking d3d9.h presence... yes
> checking for d3d9.h... yes
> checking ddraw.h usability... yes
> checking ddraw.h presence... yes
> checking for ddraw.h... yes
> checking dsound.h usability... yes
> checking dsound.h presence... yes
> checking for dsound.h... yes
> checking dinput.h usability... yes
> checking dinput.h presence... yes
> checking for dinput.h... yes
> 2/ as for Alien::SDL2
> what libraries do we want to include?
> how does SLD2 work with SDL_gfx, SDL_mixer, ... ? are they still needed?
> what I want to avoid (if possible) is SDL_Pango (huge GTK dependency chain)
> --
> kmx

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