On 4.3.2013 0:16, Kartik Thakore wrote:
Thanks. In SDL2 I had to neuter your internal::Loader stuff. I didn't know
what was it doing. I will have SDL2 use the Alien::SDL2 in a bit too.

SDL2::Internal::Loader::internal_load_dlls will be needed as Alien::SDL2 keeps dynamic libraries (dll, so) in a place where operating system is not gonna search for them.

If you use strawberry perl SDL2 binaries directly unzipped into c:\strawberry then you do not need SDL2::Internal::Loader (as all SDL2 related DLL's are in your PATH). But if you install SDL2 binaries via Alien::SDL2 then 'internal_load_dlls' (or alternative hack) is necessary.


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