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On 02/23/18 13:06, Chris wrote:
On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 12:24 AM, Kevin O'Connor <> wrote:
This looks to be very similar to the issue Matt raised back in
October.  It seems the card needs to run at 1.8 volt (instead of 3.3
volt), but it seems to shutdown before telling seabios that.

Can you apply the patch at:

set the seabios debug level to 3, and send the log again?

Yes, I believe we're using the same hardware.

With the patch it still fails.

During boot devices were:
* mmcblk0 internal 64GB SSD (detected).
* mmcblk1 internal card reader with 64GB bootable card in it (fails to
be detected).
* External USB reader that has 2 slots, one is empty, the other has a
1GB microsd (detected).


Thank you for testing this. For the future, could you please attach log files, so that they can be looked in the inbox when offline.

Looks like the same problem where the card won't respond and times out.

I still need to see if I can get some debugging information from a
Linux kernel because everything works fine there. I'm not sure how to
go about turning it on.

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