On 01/10/19 12:10, Patrick Georgi wrote:
> Hi Kevin, Laszlo,
> 9. Januar 2019 19:38, "Kevin O'Connor" <ke...@koconnor.net> schrieb:
>> Patrick, can you confirm that we need to update the above links?
> Yes, the links changed because the entire architecture changed.
> I kept pipermail as a read-only copy so old links into the archive keep 
> working (as far as possible: pipermail links are notoriously unreliable).
>> Also, a few people asked if we could support the format of the older
>> mail archives - is that possible?
> It seems that mailman3 allows multiple message archive systems, with 
> hyperkitty being the only one supported right now.
> A pipermail-style backend that creates a plain html archive would certainly 
> be a welcome addition, as Laszlo definitely isn't the only "dinosaur" (I'd 
> propose some changes though: for example basing the URL on the hashed 
> message-id, like hyperkitty does, instead of pipermail's plain counter, 
> improves URL stability), but I'm not sure if my python-fu is up to the levels 
> to quickly build something like that.
> Once it exists, I'll happily integrate it, though.

Message-Id-based archive URLs are the best. GMANE used to support that,
but GMANE is dead. mail-archive.com and public-inbox.org also support
Message-Id-based archive URLs, and I think we could simply subscribe at
least mail-archive.com's agent to the seabios list:


Of course, it would be best if the list's own hosting provided the
MID-based search / URLs too.

... Wait, am I dumb? Yeah, I'm dumb. Because, mail-archive.com is
already subscribed to the seabios list:


So, I'd suggest incorporating these links (as secondary archive URLs)
into the wiki article as well.

And, for example, here's a Message-ID based URL pointing to the initial
message of the current thread:


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