Dear Mike,

Am 10.04.19 um 15:08 schrieb Mike Banon:
Add support for up to 35 boot menu entries (2 pages if >18). To solve the
">10" problem currently experienced by SeaBIOS users (there are no 11, 12, etc.
keys on a keyboard - so impossible to choose the last menu entries if you got
10 entries because of multiple hard drives / secondary payloads / floppies)
- the boot menu has been extended to the letter keys. NOTE: TPM menu has been
moved from T to M letter: it is at the end of keyboard's 3rd row of letters and
"Trusted" is adjective while "Module" is a noun; alternatively could press '-'.

Could you please rebase this. With Gerd’s commit 18d237b4 (bootmenu: add support for more than 9 entries), 34(?) entries are currently supported. (No idea, why 0 is left out for example.)

Also, add support for a numpad. Small USB numpad could be really convenient for
choosing the boot entries at coreboot boards used as (maybe headless) servers.
'/' char on numpad could be used to open the boot menu or to exit it. If there
are >10 boot menu entries - the numpad console interface will be enabled: press
one or two digit keys and then ENTER to confirm your choice, or remove a digit
by pressing the '.Del' key. Also you could call TPM with '-' key at any moment,
or boot with a single key press of your fullsize keyboard.

Could you split this out, and please send separately?

Signed-off-by: Mike Banon <mikebdp2 at>
(patch body is after the testing instructions below)

It’d be great if you sent your patches with `git send-email`.


Kind regards,

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