Hi there Paul,

Sorry for a late reply and thanks for your message, wish you a happy
time and good health.

>> Add support for up to 35 boot menu entries (2 pages if >18). To solve the
>> ">10" problem currently experienced by SeaBIOS users (there are no 11, 12, 
>> etc.
>> keys on a keyboard - so impossible to choose the last menu entries if you got
>>> 10 entries because of multiple hard drives / secondary payloads / floppies)
>> - the boot menu has been extended to the letter keys. NOTE: TPM menu has been
>> moved from T to M letter: it is at the end of keyboard's 3rd row of letters 
>> and
>> "Trusted" is adjective while "Module" is a noun; alternatively could press 
>> '-'.
> Could you please rebase this. With Gerd’s commit 18d237b4 (bootmenu:
> add support for more than 9 entries), 34(?) entries are currently supported.
> (No idea, why 0 is left out for example.)

This " advanced_bootmenu.patch " has been already rebased in a
coreboot change 32351 ( [1] ) and it still applies to a SeaBIOS
master. This rebase was a bit lazy to be honest, but it still works
thanks to boot.c not getting any significant changes for a long time
since 18d237b4.

Despite I love SeaBIOS so much, maybe because SeaBIOS isn't on Gerrit
(or other reasons?) - it's so hard to get anything merged there, much
harder than to coreboot or flashrom. I wonder why my
"advanced_bootmenu" patch hasn't been even reviewed in its' original
form despite multiple resubmissions. Although I was happy to see a
Gerd's spinoff accepted in a commit 18d237b4 since it's better than
nothing - however, it couldn't boot a large menu entry in a single
letter keypress (only numbers are supported there), so I keep using my
original version.

Maybe I'll try sending the patches to SeaBIOS again when the
optimistic mood comes... However, seeing that even a patch which fixes
booting USB drives with a write protect switch enabled ( [2] ) has
been rejected - despite it solves a real "broken hardware" problem -
sadly it's more likely that a pile of "unofficial SeaBIOS patches" in
change 32351 will keep growing. If you know any other good patches
which also haven't been accepted to SeaBIOS, please let me know and
I'll include them to 32351.

[1] https://review.coreboot.org/c/coreboot/+/32351
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