Re: [agi] Commercial AGI ventures

2002-11-05 Thread Pei Wang
I have a list at, including projects satisfying the following three standards: a.. Each of them has the plan to eventually grow into a thinking machine or artificial general intelligence (so it is not merely about part of AI); b..

[agi] Inventory of AGI projects

2002-11-05 Thread Ben Goertzel
Hi, Inspired by a recent post, here is my attempt at a list of serious AGI projects underway on the planet at this time. If anyone knows of anything that should be added to this list, please let me know. . Novamente ... · Pei Wang’s NARS system · Peter Voss’s A2I2

RE: [agi] RE: Ethical drift

2002-11-05 Thread Ben Goertzel
David Noziglia wrote: It is a common belief that game theory has shown that it is advantageous to be selfish and nasty. I assume that the members of this group know that is wrong, that game theory has in fact shown that in a situation of repeated interaction, it is more advantageous from

Re: [agi] Inventory of AGI projects

2002-11-05 Thread shane legg
I think the key fact is that most of these projects are currently relatively inactive --- plenty of passion out there, just not a lot of resources. The last I heard both the HAL project and the CAM-brain project where pretty much at a stand still due to lack of funding? Perhaps a good piece

Re: [agi] NARS and Oscar [was: Commercial AGI ventures]

2002-11-05 Thread Pei Wang
I studied OSCAR years ago, but haven't followed it closely. Simply speaking, both OSCAR and NARS are logic-based approaches, and their major difference is that OSCAR stays much closer to traditional mathematical logic (in terms of formal language, semantics, rules, control mechanism, and so on).