Re: DIS: [Promotor] Draft

2019-01-22 Thread Aris Merchant
On Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 2:15 AM Timon Walshe-Grey wrote: > > Oh gosh, I'd completely forgotten about the tangelo thing. Out of curiosity, > does anyone think it will actually have any effect on anything at all? (Given > that Powerful Tangeloes almost certainly won't pass.) .a'u .iacu'i > Title

Re: DIS: Re: BUS: I realise this is extremely ridiculous, but

2019-01-22 Thread Kerim Aydin
On 1/20/2019 10:19 AM, Timon Walshe-Grey wrote: > I understand and agree with your logic (and, incidentally, would find it > hilarious if this made me guilty of Masterminding Being a Bad Space > Captain), but I have a brief question that occurred to me yesterday about > Rule 2519, which says: >

Re: DIS: Re: BUS: Scam Part 2

2019-01-22 Thread D. Margaux
> On Jan 20, 2019, at 7:25 PM, Aris Merchant > wrote: > > It’s definitely 1,000,000,000 actions, according to CFJ 3597, but > I think that CFJ may also suggest that we can only levy one fine (I’m not > sure about that though). I admit that I don’t fully understand this CFJ decision. However,

Re: DIS: Re: BUS: Scam Part 2

2019-01-22 Thread Timon Walshe-Grey
I don't even know where to start figuring this out, so it would be good to CFJ "D. Margaux has committed at least 1,000,000,000 rule violations", but we need some way to get it assigned without D. Margaux interfering via eir position as Arbitor (the earliest e can be impeached is Friday). Any