Re: [AMaViS-user] Problem with amavis and clamav WARN: all primary virus scanners failed, considering backups

2008-06-20 Thread Sebastian Deiszner
Mark Martinec schrieb: Sebastian, I have installed amavis with clamav and postfix on debian etch. Clamd is working - ps aux | grep clamd shows clamav3961 0.1 7.7 97116 76760 ?Ss 11:31 0:10 clamd The /var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl ist there too. If I send a infected

[AMaViS-user] amavis-new spamassassin

2008-06-20 Thread Sebastian Deiszner
Hello, amavis should use spamassassin to mark mails as spam and then mark the subject-line with *** SPAM ***. But the spammails where quarantined. How do i take out the quarantine? Amavis should not compress the quarantined Mails to a .gz file - how do i setup this function? Thanx

[AMaViS-user] How to get any mail from quarantine

2008-08-05 Thread Sebastian Deiszner
Hello, i want to get some of my quarantained mails off quarantine. The quarantine-directory is /var/lib/amavis/virusmails/a to /b /c ... /z There are the maildir-files. amavisd-release do not have any manpages. How do i release the mails from quarantine. Thx Sebastian

[AMaViS-user] compressed zip archives with exe-files

2008-09-20 Thread Sebastian Deiszner
Hello, my amavis is blocking zip files which included legal exe-files. Who do i stop this? Tnx - This SF.Net email is sponsored by the Moblin Your Move Developer's challenge Build the coolest Linux based applications