Re: Growth, Wealth, and Race

2001-02-15 Thread Alexander Robert William Robson
On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Bryan Caplan wrote: Sachs has popularized a strong finding: Distance from the equator explains a great deal of the variation in income *levels* between countries. The further from the equator, the richer countries are. There are also some parallel findings for growth

Currency crises

2001-02-14 Thread Alexander Robert William Robson
Maybe you should ask George Soros! ;) Alex Robson UC Irvine On Wed, 14 Feb 2001, [iso-8859-1] markjohn® wrote: is fixing exchange rates a good policy during currency crises?

Re: Keynes in China

2001-02-04 Thread Alexander Robert William Robson
On Sun, 4 Feb 2001, fabio guillermo rojas wrote: A new graduate student in my department told me that at Beijing University, econ undergraduates are not taught Keynesian economics - they get a good dose of Marxism and then they get hooked up with monetarism!! Can anybody else verify

Re: Game Theory

2001-01-29 Thread Alexander Robert William Robson
On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, Alex Tabarrok wrote: The best introduction to game theory is still the The Strategy of Conflict by Thomas Schelling. Although it contains no math and can be read by non-economists, the papers in the Strategy of Conflict were enormously influential among both game

Re: Why Are Courting Signals Ambiguous?

2000-11-27 Thread Alexander Robert William Robson
Robsin Hanson wrote: People are usually not very direct when flirting, courting, etc. For example, people usually do not just say "Do you want to have sex?". One reason could be that some groups of individuals, by virtue of their natural (or artificial!) physical or other attributes, and by

Re: patenting

2000-10-11 Thread Alexander Robert William Robson
On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Robin Hanson wrote: If the monopolist equals the paper authors, and the product over which there is a monopoly has its primary value in producing this paper, then I think the journal should require that the algorithm be made available free to others, but only for the

Re: Card/Krueger Revisited

2000-10-04 Thread Alexander Robert William Robson
Alex Tabarrok wrote: As a thought experiment, imagine you were on an NSF committe and were presented with a proposal to study the minimum wage by using a natural experiment, surveying fast food restaurants etc. - i.e. everything which Card and Kruger did. I believe that just about everyone

Gore and Oil

2000-09-22 Thread Alexander Robert William Robson
I'm puzzled at Gore's proposal to release a limited amount of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, perhaps armchair members can help. Apparently, under the swap proposal, oil firms would be loaned oil from the SPR. They would then sell the crude in the open market, increasing available

Gore and Hollywood

2000-09-18 Thread Alexander Robert William Robson
In today's Wall Street Journal, Michael Medved claims that Al Gore's latest crusade against Hollywood poses no threat to the First Amendment, because Gore isn't serious about regulating and is taking huge campaign contributions from Hollywood. But what does the theory of regulation say about