Re: [Bf-committers] Circular array modifier

2018-05-07 Thread Alberto Velázquez
s that instead of creating a new modifier. > If a radial array was done with a center defined by a manipulator just > activated with a checkbox added to current array modifier; > will you still request proposed modifier with its 3 methods, 4 values and 6 > buttons ? > > 2018-05-07

Re: [Bf-committers] Blender analytic drawing tool

2018-02-12 Thread Alberto Velázquez
I'm an artist an I can give you feedback if you share your add-on. El 12 feb. 2018 13:58, "Sybren A. Stüvel" escribió: > Hi Ounan Ding, > > On 12/02/2018 08:14, Ounan Ding wrote: > >> Recently I found a paper about analytic drawing [1], and then I try to >> prototype it in

[Bf-committers] UV Editor Proposal

2018-01-21 Thread Alberto Velázquez
Hi Guys I really like create and design UI and improve user experience... and I want to show a proposal for UV editor interface overhaul. This proposal was made using the opinion of different Blender artists, newcomers and my personal experience (six years using blender in my work). All this

[Bf-committers] Blender modeling and viewport perfomance in blender 2.8

2018-03-06 Thread Alberto Velázquez
Hi I want to ask about Blender perfomance in the future Blender2.8, actually Blender have problems editing meshes with medium triangles (50k triangles) models that actually you can see in videogames without problems. It's a recurrent topic in Blender community, the problems with editing

Re: [Bf-committers] 2.8 interface reference: Substance Painter 2018.1 (Spring)

2018-03-16 Thread Alberto Velázquez
Substance's interface didn't change a lot, was more a theme change and a few new features or upgrade, but the interface is the same in reality, and some changes are bad, like the space between options in the menus, actually you need double of the size for some menus. The only real change in the