Re: SRV query with no domain?

2012-08-16 Thread Christopher Cain
Of course a dig query will fail without the domain appended.  Dig takes
you query at face value and will not append domains from your search
suffix list like nslookup and ping will.  You ALWAYS have to fully qualify
your requests when using dig.


On 12-08-15 3:29 PM, wrote:

kevin wrote on 08/15/2012 12:52:18 PM:

 I don't believe SRV lookups use the search directive in /etc/
 resolv.conf; I think that's only for A (name-to-address) lookups.
 But I could be wrong on that...

Using host I was able to do a search for _sip._tcp for the search domain
on my system (domain changed to

wbrown@wbrown-D630:~$ host -t srv _sip._tcp has SRV record 0 0 5060
wbrown@wbrown-D630:~$ host -t srv has SRV record 0 0 5060

Dig fails on same query without domain, succeeds if it is included:

wbrown@wbrown-D630:~$ dig +short  _sip._tcp srv
wbrown@wbrown-D630:~$ dig +short srv
0 0 5060

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Re: Dynamic DNS Update depuis mes cartes ethernet

2011-04-27 Thread Christopher Cain
If each of your three adapters get their IP's from DHCP, why don't you
configure the DHCP server to update DDNS instead of the client (i.e. - a
separate ddns-domainname statement for each DHCP subnet)?  That way you can
specify the zone to update dynamically based on the subnet each adapter gets
an IP from.

For example:

Adapter 1 will get an IP from Subnet A and the DHCP server will add a record
to the zone named
Adapter 2 will get an IP from Subnet B and the DHCP server will add a record
to the zone named
Adapter 3 will get an IP from Subnet C and the DHCP server will add a record
to the zone named


 -- Forwarded message --
 From: Flex Banana
 To:, Users of ISC DHCP
 Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2011 13:36:17 +0200
 Subject: Dynamic DNS Update depuis mes cartes ethernet

 J'aimerai mettre à jour mes zones via le méchanisme Dynamic DNS Update en
 fonction des machines qui se connectent sur mes différentes cartes réseau.

 Mon serveur est équipé de trois cartes ethernet avec différents subnet qui
 ne sont pas accessibles les uns des autres et j'ai besoin que les zones
 soient automatiquement mises à jour par les clients par l'adresse IP de la
 carte ethernet d'où le DHCP est distribué.

 En quelque sort j'ai besoin que l'adresse IP ci-dessous corresponde à
 l'adresse de la carte ethernet duquelle le DHCP est distribué:

 zone { primary **; key clé_serveur; }

 J'utilise bind 9.7.3 avec dhcpd 4.2.1 sous openSUSE 11.4

 Merci infiniment et meilleures salutations

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[SOLVED] Re: BIND9 SERVFAIL on some .gov addresses

2011-02-23 Thread Christopher Cain
[forgot to change the digest subject before sending - sorry folks]

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 12:30, Christopher Cain ch...@christophercain.cawrote:

 Ryan - thanks for the link.  This would have saved me quite a bit of
 troubleshooting time a few weeks back.

 Christopher Cain

 -- Forwarded message --
 From: Ryan Novosielski
 Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 11:39:41 -0500
 Subject: Re: [SOLVED] Re: BIND9 SERVFAIL on some .gov addresses
 Hash: SHA1

 Take a look at this. It is somewhat confusing, but it is helpful and
 should tell you right away if you definitely have a firewall issue (and
 frankly there's little else it could be).

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Is not recommended?

2010-09-27 Thread Christopher Cain
Hi all.

I am setting up a new appliance-based DNS solution that will contain a fair
number of separately managed Windows DNS slave servers (in addition to the
DNS appliances that will handle the .

Currently there are just over 8000 host records that resolve to IP's in the
10.x.x.x space.  I am wrestling with whether or not I should create a single zone or if I should create 256 /16 zones (i.e. - to

The reason I want to encompass the entire 10 space is so new arpa zones will
not have to be defined on all servers (specifically on the Windows slaves)
if a new part of the 10 space is used at some point.

Any recommendations or comments would be greatly appreciated.


Christopher Cain
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DDNS Updates fail When More Than 15 Authoritative Servers (NS records) are listed in a Dynamically Updated Zone

2010-09-20 Thread Christopher Cain
[I apologize in advance if this is a double post.  I'm not sure if my
original went through]

I was implementing ISC Bind 9.5 at a client site last month and had a single
zone that accepted DDNS updates only from the ISC DHCP service.

The environment consisted of a Master BIND server and almost 25 Windows
slave servers.  All DNS servers were listed as authoritative at first.  This
caused DDNS updates from DHCP to fail with the following message:

Unable to add forward map from to DNS format

After spending quite a bit of time troubleshooting this issue with no luck,
I was finally successful with DDNS updates after I reduced the number of
authoritative servers for the dynamic zone to 15.  Since I have done this,
the issue has not resurface.

Can anyone help explain to me why this happened and if there is anything I
can do to avoid this from happening in the future?


Christopher Cain
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