Re: [Catalyst] Alternatives to Catalyst ?

2010-04-29 Thread Carl Johnstone
Oleg Pronin wrote: Maybe it is not the bottleneck, but how many places do we have like this that are not a bottleneck ? maybe the sum of all these mini mistakes is the bottleneck ? NYTProf profile or it didn't happen :-) Carl ___ List:

Re: [Catalyst] Alternatives to Catalyst ?

2010-04-27 Thread Carl Johnstone
Merlyn Kline wrote: I propose that all references to the req-param() interface should be replaced by references to the $c-req-parameters-{} interface except where explicit discussions of compatability are appropriate, which would only be very briefly in the case of the Intro. It's not

Re: [Catalyst] Alternatives to Catalyst ?

2010-04-27 Thread Carl Johnstone
Dermot wrote: Why wouldn't you, as you write, use the the fastest access methods available? Surely you'd want to develop habits that will a) provide better performance and b) as mentioned below avoid the thorny side-effects of req-params(). This isn't a matter of premature optimisation but

Re: [Catalyst] Alternatives to DBIx?

2010-04-19 Thread Carl Johnstone
kevin montuori wrote: In my experience (two or so years with DBIC/Catalyst and many, many more with sundry DBI hacks) DBIC code has proven trivial to maintain and augment. Furthermore, it's relatively easy to find programmers who are familiar with it and can be brought up to speed quickly.

Re: [Catalyst] Using Catalyst with mod_per or FastCGI on heavytraffic web application

2010-02-01 Thread Carl Johnstone
Adam Mackler wrote: Finally, a wonderful benefit of using fastcgi is that each one of my fastcgi applications runs as a separate user, and none of those fastcgi users is the user that the web server runs as. I sleep that much better at night knowing that the web server cannot read the files

Re: [Catalyst] Using Catalyst with mod_per or FastCGI on heavy traffic web application

2010-02-01 Thread Carl Johnstone
Another mod_perl user here! I've looked at FastCGI, but ongoing management has always looked to be more complecated than just altering the apache config. We have a multi-server setup with hardware load-balancers. They balance between two threaded apache servers which serve all static files and

Re: [Catalyst] uri_for

2010-01-20 Thread Carl Johnstone
Tomohiro Hosaka wrote: Is this correct result? Yes, the previous situation was a bug. Given sub foo : Args(1) { my ($c, $arg) = @_; }; The URL would match and set $arg to 'bar/baz' correctly. However reversing that using uri_for then returns the incorrect

Re: [Catalyst] Page fragment caching

2010-01-20 Thread Carl Johnstone
Tobias Kremer wrote: c) somebody smarter than me has a better idea how to solve this problem? :) Use Varnish as a caching-proxy in front-of your app. Use ESI to include the fragments and set appropiate cache-control headers in those reponses so Varnish can cache appropiately. Carl

Re: [Catalyst] determine MIME type of binary Webservice result?

2010-01-19 Thread Carl Johnstone
Jens Schwarz wrote: in my Catalyst application I use Webservices to connect to SAP. One of these returns binary data (right now base64-encoded XML, later also PDF). Is it possible to determine the MIME type of those returned (sub)strings? If so, how? It doesn't matter that you're using

Re: [Catalyst] Re: Avoiding UTF8 in Catalyst

2009-11-23 Thread Carl Johnstone
Aristotle Pagaltzis wrote: But there’s no room for “likelies” here: that’s programming by coincidence. The likely was correct. When using UTF-8 whether the length of the string is different in bytes and characters depends entirely on what the contents of the string are. Given a particular

Re: [Catalyst] Catalyst benchmark 5.7 VS 5.8

2009-09-29 Thread Carl Johnstone
Toby Corkindale wrote: (CentOS 5 was one of the operating systems that came with the badly-patched Perl with the slow bless performance.. although I'm sure it's been patched by now? ie. ) Was patched last year - stop spreading FUD.

Re: [Catalyst] Catalyst benchmark 5.7 VS 5.8

2009-09-29 Thread Carl Johnstone
Tobias Kremer wrote: So, what's a better way to find out how much memory is shared? On our production servers top shows VIRT: 70116, RES: 64m, SHR: 3480 and I hope that 3480 is really not the amount of memory that is shared because that'd be quite low. It's a different type of shared.

Re: [Catalyst] Configuration based on hostname

2009-07-13 Thread Carl Johnstone
One of the limitations of mod_perl is that you can't run the same app more than once on the same server. Sorry. Not true. We run multiple versions of the same app in the same apache process. Look at the +Parent option, which will create additional separate perl interpreters within the same

Re: [Catalyst] Configuration based on hostname

2009-07-13 Thread Carl Johnstone
Mihai Bazon wrote: Let me clarify that. I don't want to run the app more than once. I just want the application to switch configuration file and database depending on the hostname that each particular request targets. I've done this a zillion times with plain mod_perl, I just don't know

Re: [Catalyst] Scalable Catalyst

2009-07-01 Thread Carl Johnstone
I think that the mod_perl mailing list would also be interested in this - there are very few people on that list with practical examples of multi-thread. As far as I'm aware pre-fork is still pretty much the only model recommended. Alejandro Imass wrote: Ok. What would you have done? - not

Re: [Catalyst] User timezones

2009-06-25 Thread Carl Johnstone
Devin Austin wrote: you could simply create a column and add the GMT offset. NO! If you only use GMT offsets you'll just annoy your users anywhere in the world that has DST. If that's the only solution don't bother - just use a relevant fixed timezone. Much better to use the Olsen DB

Re: [Catalyst] Re: how to confirm before deleteing

2009-01-22 Thread Carl Johnstone
Aristotle Pagaltzis wrote: img src=; into a page they control and then send a link to that page to your users. If you allow destructive actions on GET, you have just allowed for your users to be screwed over through no fault of their own.

Re: [Catalyst] Production session issue - commercial support inquiry?

2009-01-08 Thread Carl Johnstone
Just a quick thought - are you setting appropiate no-cache headers in your responses? Are the problems due to transparent caching at ISPs? Carl ___ List: Listinfo:

Re: [Catalyst] Production session issue - commercial support inquiry?

2009-01-08 Thread Carl Johnstone
As for down-stream proxies, I am not explicitly setting no-cache headers from the app, should I be? You might want to look into it. I've had problems with aggressive ISP caches before where they cached pages and sent them to other users - every page has welcome username at the top. The

Re: [Catalyst] Running java inside Catalyst

2008-06-24 Thread Carl Johnstone
Not sure which specific engine you asked, but I'll just put all of them. He meant Catalyst engine... Catalyst::Engine::? Were you using the server script that comes with Catalyst? FastCGI? mod_perl? Carl ___ List:

Re: [Catalyst] Distributed session storage problems/questions

2008-02-21 Thread Carl Johnstone
4. Is it just crazy to run a load balanced setup without some type of sticky session setup on the proxy? If so, any implementations of this using Apache 2.x mod_proxy(_balancer) as the frontend would be greatly appreciated. You should only use sticky sessions as a performance enhancer (more

Re: [Catalyst] Development environments and performance

2008-01-28 Thread Carl Johnstone
From: Jonathan Rockway [EMAIL PROTECTED] If you are using the same Apache process for more than one web app, You're Doing It Wrong (tm). For development or production? In production as long as you're using the same versions of Cat for your apps, I would've thought the memory gains would make

Re: [Catalyst] LDAP

2008-01-25 Thread Carl Johnstone
Externally in your organisation? No to an external organisation that has been contracted by us to provide and host a web application. This application needs to share a single sign-on with applications built in-house using Catalyst. For configuration, why don't you have one set and

Re: white-labelling [Catalyst]

2008-01-24 Thread Carl Johnstone
Interesting term, 'white labelling'; where do you get it from. It's a fairly standard term for the process. One origin I've come across is it comes from manufacturers selling products with plain white labels to supermarkets, who would then brand them as own-brand products. However these

[Catalyst] LDAP

2008-01-24 Thread Carl Johnstone
Hi, I've been playing around with the LDAP stuff in Catalyst, we have a need to share user data externally for authentication reasons and currently believe LDAP is a good solution for this. To this end I've got C:P:Auth:Store:LDAP correctly authenticating users against a LDAP database. I've

LDAP Injection [Catalyst]

2008-01-24 Thread Carl Johnstone
Oh another LDAP subject that I meant to mention - LDAP Injection. It's something that's been mentioned regarding our use of LDAP. For example C:P:Auth:Store:LDAP suggests using a filter like: ((objectClass=posixAccount)(uid=%s)) Then does: $filter =~ s/\%s/$replace/g; Which on a casual

Re: [Catalyst] warning

2008-01-23 Thread Carl Johnstone
My site is accessed with 2 different domain names, and the app must send a cookie that specify a domain, because otherwise Firefox doesn't send the cookie back to the server. I've given you an answer to that problem once. Redirect to and only serve your site through

[Catalyst] index and default actions (was: Why no extra attributes on Private actions?)

2008-01-23 Thread Carl Johnstone
I foresee index and default going the fuck away for 5.80 unless you're in compat mode. I'm curious about these two. I've made plenty of use of index, and off the top of my head can't see another way of doing the home page of site. As far as default, I'd currently use that to do my 404

Re: white-labelling [Catalyst] (Was: warning)

2008-01-23 Thread Carl Johnstone
You may want to deliver somewhat different content depending on which URL they use; is that what you mean by 'white-labelled'? By white labelling I mean the same functionality and data wrapped up in different branding like:

Re: [Catalyst] warning

2008-01-23 Thread Carl Johnstone
Our sysadmin told me that this way is better because we won't make traffic (and slow down) on the public network interface. Marginal, you'd need to be doing *a lot* of data transfer. I think our data transfer at our ISP maxes out at around 12Mbps on an average lunch time - well below the

Re: [Catalyst] Debugging Catalyst with Eclipse

2008-01-22 Thread Carl Johnstone
I'd love to help write more docs. What format do I use POD and who do I submit them to? I'd suggest starting on the catalyst-dev list. Carl ___ List: Listinfo:

Re: [Catalyst] PostgreSQL quoting issues

2008-01-16 Thread Carl Johnstone
my $rsts = $c-model ('MintAppDB::TransSum')-find ({ category = $c-req-param ('category'), sentto = $c-req-param ('sentto'), iso = $c-req-param ('iso') }); This is broken! Simply try requesting a URL such:

Re: [Catalyst] hostname

2008-01-11 Thread Carl Johnstone
cookie_domain = the_host() in the MyApp config, but when I try to start the server it gives an error telling that I can't use the method req because $c is undefined. I'd be curious about why you wanted the cookie domain in the config anyway! I presume you've got a bit of code like:

Re: [Catalyst] hostname

2008-01-10 Thread Carl Johnstone
from the context object, but is unavailable to cookie_domain Both the context object and the hostname should be available to code within, but only if the code is running during a request. In any case I wouldn't point multiple domains at the same site, you're always best

Re: [Catalyst] difficulty in assigning an array to a stash

2007-11-12 Thread Carl Johnstone
jagdish eashwar wrote: I am getting only the last value in the tt2 template. You're actually getting the number of items in the list, because that's what you get when you turn a list into a single value. Carl ___ List:

Re: [Catalyst] DProf

2007-11-05 Thread Carl Johnstone
It's probably useful to tell you what these various commands are actually doing, rather than just saying check-this and check-that... lsof = LiSt Open Files basically it lists every file that a process has open, that includes the executable file itself and any libraries or shared code. The