[Chat] Re Plumbing HVAC Contractor

2010-11-03 Thread Melissa Schober
We have had good experiences with Erickson Plumbing at 410-918-1790. They replaced our ancient steam boiler with a newer model. ___ Chat mailing list Chat@charlesvillage.info http://charlesvillage.info/mailman/listinfo/chat_charlesvillage.info archive:

[Chat] Recs for a Mason?

2010-11-03 Thread Melissa Schober
We need to have our front stairs rebuilt and some brick repointed. Anyone have recommendations? Warnings of folks to avoid? Thanks, Melissa 2723 Guilford ___ Chat mailing list Chat@charlesvillage.info

[Chat] Property management companies

2014-06-29 Thread Melissa Schober
My husband was offered a job that would take us overseas for a year or two. We want to rent our house while we are away. Does anyone has experience doing this? Any property management companies to recommend or avoid? ___ Chat mailing list

[Chat] Trees and tree pits

2015-07-30 Thread Melissa Schober
So while the new trees/tree pits are a nice addition, who is responsible for maintenance? We have two bald cypresses newly installed. We can water pretty easily though with water rates going up and up I'm a little hesitant. But the bigger problem is weeds. They attract rats and trash. Are

Re: [Chat] trees and pits

2015-07-30 Thread Melissa Schober
I get the owner would be responsible if s/he requested a tree. I didn't. The city showed up, spray painted the sidewalk, dug a tree pit (and left it for weeks), then planted two bald cypress trees. What about folks who can't maintain for physical reasons? Surely I cannot be responsible for all