Re: [CODE4LIB] indexing pdf files

2009-09-15 Thread Peter Kiraly
Hi all, I would like to suggest an API for extracting text (including highlighted or annotated ones) from PDF: iText ( This is a Java API (has C# port), and it helped me a lot, when we worked with extraordinary PDF files. Solr uses Tika

Re: [CODE4LIB] tricky mod_rewrite

2009-07-01 Thread Peter Kiraly
Hi Eric, try this: IfModule mod_rewrite.c RewriteEngine on RewriteBase /script RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !=/favicon.ico RewriteRule ^(.*)$ script.cgi?param1=$1 [L,QSA] /IfModule Péter

Re: [CODE4LIB] tricky mod_rewrite

2009-07-01 Thread Peter Kiraly
From: Godmar Back is it possible to write this without hardwiring the RewriteBase in it? So that it can be used, for instance, in an .htaccess file from within any /path? Yes, you can put it into a .htaccess file, and the URL rewrite will apply on that directory only. Péter

Re: [CODE4LIB] implementing cool uris in java

2008-07-03 Thread Peter Kiraly
There are some implementation of mod_rewrite for Java. I personally use UrlRewriteFilter, which is a Java Web Filter for any J2EE compliant web application server (such as Resin, Orion or Tomcat), which allows you to rewrite URLs before they get to your code. All what you should do is adding a

Re: [CODE4LIB] xml java package

2008-01-27 Thread Peter Kiraly
My favorite is the Saxon. It parse and validate XML against DTD and Schema, do the XSLT transformation (1.0 and 2.0). The author, Michael Kay is one of the father of XSLT, he is a member of the W3C's XSLT Commitee, author of several books on XML and XSLT. There is a current edition of the Java

Re: [CODE4LIB] Suggestions on JAVA / Eclipse learning

2007-11-23 Thread Peter Kiraly
Hi! If you are a visual type, I suggest O'Reilly's Head First series. If you are looking for a good foundation, Ivor Horton's Beginning Java 2, JDK 5 Edition (Wiley, 2005) (The current Java is the JDK 6, so it isn't the freshest, but it's a good book). There are some good books on Java for

Re: [CODE4LIB] Getting started with SOLR

2007-11-22 Thread Peter Kiraly
, there are some, even in the library scene (PHP, Rail, Python). More info: Peter Kiraly

Re: [CODE4LIB] CDS/ISIS question

2007-10-20 Thread Peter Kiraly
/ISIS question Hi Peter I found the most important functions and procedures of CDS/ISIS Pascal language in the following document: (p.34-108). Regards, Oscar Gaona Peter Kiraly [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thank you

Re: [CODE4LIB] CDS/ISIS question

2007-10-19 Thread Peter Kiraly
Pascal book. There are several versions of the English edition. I don't know an electronic version of that, but I'm going to chek it. Regards, Oscar Gaona. Peter Kiraly [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear list members, In the Winisis 1.5 manual one can read the following: Note that, at present, only

[CODE4LIB] CDS/ISIS question

2007-10-19 Thread Peter Kiraly
any documentation which focuses of the Isis library routines? I Googled a lot, investigate the Unesco's Isis site etc. but i haven't found anything usable. Thanks in advance, Peter Kiraly