Re: A web site that believes in crypto

2007-01-13 Thread Erik Tews
Am Mittwoch, den 10.01.2007, 18:31 -0500 schrieb Steven M. Bellovin: I just stumbled on a web site that strongly believes in crypto -- *everything* on the site is protected by https. If you go there via http, you receive a Redirect. The site?

Re: Private Key Generation from Passwords/phrases

2007-01-13 Thread Joseph Ashwood
- Original Message - From: Matthias Bruestle [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Private Key Generation from Passwords/phrases What do you think about this? I think you need some serious help in learning the difference between 2^112 and 112, and that you really don't seem to have much grasp

[Cryptocollectors] STU III 2500

2007-01-13 Thread Richard Brisson
Good morning all, Available to those in the U.S., STU-III 2500 with manual and AC adapter (and perhaps even a key in the plastic bag but it's not stated nor obvious) on eBay: 330073910569 Best regards from a finally much colder Ottawa (-15 deg C), Richard. [Non-text portions of

Re: Private Key Generation from Passwords/phrases

2007-01-13 Thread James A. Donald
Matthias Bruestle wrote: Hi, I am thinking about this since last night. On the web I haven't found much and I want to go in a different direction as I have found. Say I want to have 112bit security, i.e. as secure as 3DES. For this I would choose (as everybody writes) 224bit ECC (or Tipsy

Banking Follies

2007-01-13 Thread Perry E. Metzger
As many people here are aware, one of my least favorite banks, especially in terms of system security, is Chase. Today I received an email message from Chase informing me that I'd gotten a brand new hotel rewards program branded Visa card from them, and inviting me to click on various links to

Why AACS will fail

2007-01-13 Thread Frank A Stevenson
I have just finished a positional paper holding the view that AACS, Advanced Access Control System used for protection of HD recordable media, will fail as an effective measure against unauthorized copying of content. The argument is largely of an economical nature.

How to leak a secret and not get caught

2007-01-13 Thread PeterThermos
FYI: Leaking a sensitive government document can mean risking a jail sentence - but not for much longer if an online service called WikiLeaks goes ahead. WikiLeaks is designed to allow anyone to post documents on the web without fear of being traced.