Re: signing all outbound email

2006-10-02 Thread James A. Donald
Lynn Wheeler wrote: recently published IETF RFC ... from my IETF RFC index 4686 I Analysis of Threats Motivating DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), Fenton J., 2006/09/26 (29pp) (.txt=70382) (Refs 1939, 2821, 2822, 3501, 4033) (was

Re: signing all outbound email

2006-10-02 Thread Anne Lynn Wheeler
James A. Donald wrote: In order for this to actually be any use, the recipient needs to verify the signature and do something on the basis of that signature - presumably whitelist email that genuinely comes from well known domains. Unfortunately, the MTA cannot reliably do something - if

TPM disk crypto

2006-10-02 Thread Travis H.
Quoting: Disk drives gear up for a lockdown Rick Merritt, EE Times (09/25/2006 9:00 AM EDT) Built-in security is the next big thing for hard-disk drives. By 2008, drive makers should be shipping in volume a broad array of drives based on a maturing standard. ... The first version of the

The Geheimschreiber Secret - Swedish WWII SIGINT

2006-10-02 Thread Travis H. This discusses Swedish decryption of a German crypto machine. Although the break was done without any hints, it was a fairly straightforward system of long-period XOR and fixed transposition, and eventual success was predicated on the laziness

Re: Circle Bank plays with two-factor authentication

2006-10-02 Thread Peter van Liesdonk
Here in the Netherlands, we have a bank (Rabobank) which sends the required code by SMS to your (registered) cellular phone as soon as you want to log in. So the codes are always fresh and random and only available to whoever knows the password ánd has the phone. At my own bank, the bank-card is

Re: Circle Bank plays with two-factor authentication

2006-10-02 Thread Jason Axley
snip The question is what the threat model is. We all know that email can be intercepted over the wire. We also know that that's not very common or very easy, except for wireless hotspots. I assert that *most* email does not flow over such links, and that the probability of a successful

Re: TPM disk crypto

2006-10-02 Thread Erik Tews
Am Sonntag, den 01.10.2006, 23:42 -0500 schrieb Travis H.: Anyone have any information on how to develop TPM software? Yes, thats easy. We created a java library for the tpm chip. You can get it at Using this lib, you need less than 10 lines