Disk drives gear up for a lockdown
Rick Merritt, EE Times (09/25/2006 9:00 AM EDT)

Built-in security is the next big thing for hard-disk drives. By 2008,
drive makers should be shipping in volume a broad array of drives
based on a maturing standard.


The first version of the Trusted Computing Group's standard for disk
drive security could be completed by year's end. Seagate Technology
Inc. already ships one drive with an integrated security chip,
although some see that approach as an interim step. "For mass
production, security has to be integrated into the controller. It's
not that many gates, even if the function is not used," said A. Currie
Munce, vice president of research for Hitachi Global Storage
Technologies. Seagate CTO Mark Kryder agreed, saying his company will
integrate security functions in the drive controller very soon.

A security standard will open the door to selling drives preloaded
with content that users can unlock after paying online for a digital


Anyone know if this is going to be compatible with the IEEE SISWG standard?

Anyone have any information on how to develop TPM software?

Anyone else recognize how features migrate from the CPU to an add-on
card and back to the CPU?  Same thing happened with RAID and on-board
video and so on... it seems to me that people need an open-source
add-in card for crypto, perhaps based around an FPGA, that is
updatable if the algorithms need strengthening.  It seems that Peter
Gutmann has already done something similar:
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