AW: conclusions to FAQs on mod_proxy_ajp vs. mod_jk?

2006-05-29 Thread andreas.wieczorek
There have been threads about failover/hotstandby being differently in mod_jk / mod_proxy_balancer mod_proxy_ajp: Status=d was not working in the same way like in mod_jk (worker with status=d are not used when the other worker of the balancer fails) Ruediger's last words as far as I know (Feb

AW: mod_proxy_balancer / failover (hot standby)

2006-03-01 Thread andreas.wieczorek
Ruediger Pluem wrote One further obstacle is that it seems to me that even with the patch it does not do a failover if you do not already have a session. So some broader changes are actually needed. Are you sure that even with the patch a failover is done? My observations are, having applied

mod_proxy_balancer / failover (hot standby)

2006-02-28 Thread andreas.wieczorek
Hello, I´d like to restart the thread Summary of that thread: Ruediger Plum fixed mod_proxy_balancer so that the status=d became persistent. ( Having applied the fix / using the following