Intent to ship: PerformanceEventTiming API

2021-03-25 Thread Sean Feng
As of Firefox 89, I intend to turn PerformanceEventTiming API on by default on all channels. It has been developed behind the `dom.enable_event_timing` preference. Chrome has it enabled by default since 85. Bug to turn on by default: This

Intent to Prototype: PerformanceEventTiming API

2020-11-10 Thread Sean Feng
Summary: PerformanceEventTiming API provides web page authors with insights into the latency of certain events triggered by user interactions. This is prerequisite for Web Vital. Bug: Standard:

Intent to ship: PerformancePaintTiming API

2020-11-03 Thread Sean Feng
/Summary: /PerformancePaintTiming API allows developers to measure the paint timing metric for their websites during pageload. /Bug/: 1518999 /Standard/: There are two timing entries defined in spec

Re: Intent to Ship : HTML5 element (Nightly Only)

2020-06-25 Thread Sean Feng
hould be returned to the element > which had focus before the dialog was shown, which is the recommended > pattern for good accessibility of dialogs. I don't think there is a spec > issue for this yet. > > Jamie > > On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 6:04 AM Sean Feng wrote: > >> Intent to Ship (

Intent to Ship : HTML5 element (Nightly Only)

2020-06-24 Thread Sean Feng
Intent to Ship (Nightly Only) : Dialog Element ​ Hi All, ​ In bug 1645046 , I intend to turn html5 element on by default in Nightly. It has been developed behind the dom.dialog_element.enabled preference. ​ Meta Tracking Bug: