[OSM-dev] 403 forbidden

2019-05-31 Thread Justmapzz Rodolfo
Title: [OSM-dev] 403 forbidden In order to prevent suspicious situations in the future, I compiled a modified version of GMAP.NET, in which the controversial definition of the user-agent is eliminated. All apps that use this version must define the user-agent themselves now. The lines concerned

Re: [OSM-dev] OSM tile server issue

2019-05-31 Thread Justmapzz Rodolfo
Title: Re: [OSM-dev] OSM tile server issue Hi Grant, I think that response from radioman is pretty awkward to put it politely. The problem is, that imho gmap.net used to be a very good product, however, radioman stopped development over a year ago. It is now maintained by  

[OSM-dev] OSM tile server issue

2019-05-30 Thread Justmapzz Rodolfo
Title: OSM tile server issue Here is another victim of your usage policy. I am the main developer of Justmapzz, which uses GMAP.NET for map viewing. Since 2 days our users can no longer view OSM, because you blocked that library for everybody. We have always used GMAP.NET  "as is", without