Re: [Sugar-devel] Wacom Bamboo with XO?

2008-12-14 Thread Chris Marshall
Wade Brainerd wrote: BTW, if any of you guys playing around with Colors! have access to multiple XOs, I would love to hear how the collaboration feature is working (and what you think about it). -Wade I just tried the pre-release v12 of Colors! in collaboration mode with 2 XOs, both

Downloading Scratch project to XO

2008-12-14 Thread Philipp Kocher
Hi I would like to download Scratch projects from a local server to the XO. On the server I added the following line to the file /etc/mime.types: application/scratch sb The apache server is now sending files with sb-extension with mime type application/scratch. On the XO the mime

[Server-devel] Collaboration unreliable 0.5

2008-12-14 Thread David Leeming
I apologise if this issue has already been dealt with on this list. I have some problems reliably getting collaboration working when using server version 0.5. I have been using a laptop with an USB active antenna and after a few attempts managed to get 0.5 working and configured with no