Re: Google summer of Code?

2009-03-13 Thread Mel Chua
2009/3/8 Jameson Quinn No definite agreement has been made, but in preliminary chats, it seems that both organizations agree that anything for XS or specific to XO hardware should go in OLPC, and everything else (general Sugar improvements, frameworks, or

Re: Announcing GuruFest: Come hear from OLPC experts, kicking off this Friday with Mel Chua

2009-03-10 Thread Mel Chua
Good point, David. In this particular case, there'll be opportunities for remote participation for people who aren't in the Boston area - I almost never give a talk these days without some sort of IRC backchannel. In this case, I'll make sure a computer is open and on #olpc-meeting so that (my

Re: [Sugar-devel] XOIRC migrated to Sugar Labs (as IRC Activity)

2009-02-18 Thread Mel Chua
Rockin'. I'll port over the bugs. Simon Schampijer wrote: Mel Chua wrote: The IRC activity (XoIRC) has been moved to the Sugar Labs infrastructure. If Eduardo is ok with it, I'll be maintaining it here unless someone else would like to pick it up. Awesome, thanks Mel. http

XOIRC migrated to Sugar Labs (as IRC Activity)

2009-02-17 Thread Mel Chua
The IRC activity (XoIRC) has been moved to the Sugar Labs infrastructure. If Eduardo is ok with it, I'll be maintaining it here unless someone else would like to pick it up. Wade, as the ActivityTeam

Re: XOIRC migrated to Sugar Labs (as IRC Activity)

2009-02-17 Thread Mel Chua
. --Mel S Page wrote: Mel Chua wrote: The IRC activity (XoIRC) has been moved to the Sugar Labs infrastructure. still points to for bundle, source, POT. Several other migrated activities likewise have incorrect pages. You

About to start talking with Ed about QA - join on IRC, review notes, etc.

2009-01-12 Thread Mel Chua
About to have Big Conversation with Ed about Community QA moving forward, and I think I've finished my Big Braindump at - review appreciated! The IRC backchannel is #olpc in case you want to join in, I'll try to get someone to transcribe since I'll likely

QA talk with Ed postponed to 15:30EST (42 minutes from now)

2009-01-12 Thread Mel Chua
. - and we could *really* use a volunteer to be the IRC-to-1cc link, if you're interested (best: if you're not intensely interested in the discussion but want to be of great help in a few minutes - that way you can focus on this and the participants can focus on talking.) --Mel Mel Chua wrote: About

So long and thanks for all the fish

2009-01-09 Thread Mel Chua
Folks, I'm psyched to be (re)joining the community as a volunteer once more - after all, I've been an employee for 3.8 months and a community member for... running over 2 years now. This isn't an ending, just another step - and I for one welcome our new overlor^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H I mean, I'm

[Server-devel] Learning how to deploy/maintain an XS: workshop/materials-creation?

2008-12-18 Thread Mel Chua
Question from Chris Vance (a Boston-area volunteer, cc'd) and the IMSA deployment team (for which Yifan Sun is the liason, also cc'd): What's the fastest way we can learn to deploy, and support a production XS? (The IMSA team is deploying an XS in Cambridge for the CFS grassroots XO pilot, and

Re: [Wiki-gang] [Testing] Activity Set for 9.1.0

2008-12-10 Thread Mel Chua
To clarify - the default image used in manufacturing contains Activities (the same ones shipped with G1G1 this year), right? My understanding is that (the image we ship) = (software release) + (customization key), so Chris's statement that our software releases don't ship with Activities is

8.2.1 test plan finalized (next: test cases need finalization)

2008-12-09 Thread Mel Chua
(The intent of this email is to make what's going on with 8.2.1 testing as transparent as possible.) I checked after the 8am work estimate cutoff, and made sure that the test plan matched up with the trac tickets listed at [[Eco/8.2.1]] - as of right now, it does. (Sweet!) I believe that

Re: 8.2.1 test plan finalized (next: test cases need finalization)

2008-12-09 Thread Mel Chua
Ah, so it is! Thanks for the catch, Bert - fixed. Bert Freudenberg wrote: On 09.12.2008, at 19:23, Mel Chua wrote: I believe that means that we can consider the list of test cases here as final (Joe/Kim, please holler if I'm incorrect):

[Server-devel] ds-backup testing + OLE Nepal

2008-11-14 Thread Mel Chua
(Forwarding conversation to server-devel list.) On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 2:57 AM, Mel Chua [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Adding in Bryan Berry of OLE Nepal, who wants to know the status of XS testing, particularly ds backup-restore. Can you folks please fill him in, and let him know how to best

Re: [Server-devel] ds-backup testing + OLE Nepal

2008-11-14 Thread Mel Chua
(Continuing to forward conversation to server-devel. This is the 2nd of 2 forwarded messages.) Hey Mel! thanks for your attention to our needs. Actually, I am much more interested in consistent performance and behavior from ejabberd and idmgr. Backup is important, but I still have limited

Re: [Server-devel] ds-backup testing + OLE Nepal

2008-11-14 Thread Mel Chua
Yes! Done, and cc'd on this email, so future reply-alls will hit the right places. Carry on. Thanks for the reminder, Martin. -Mel Martin Langhoff

Project hosting request: qa-scripts

2008-11-10 Thread Mel Chua
:// [EMAIL PROTECTED] #2 mchua Mel Chua [EMAIL PROTECTED] If any developers don't have their SSH2 keys on the web, please attach them to the application e-mail. 7. Preferred development model [X] Central

Re: 9.1 Proposal: Files

2008-10-28 Thread Mel Chua
I'm going to try to reword this as a list of features that would potentially be good for the XO to have, followed with a section on how Sugar currently addresses the problem, and then potential solutions, including - but not limited to - modifying the datastore to provide human-readable file names

Re: [olpc-office-announce] Audio from demo of Scott's next-gen journal ideas, noon, 10/15/2008

2008-10-15 Thread Mel Chua
Brian Jordan wrote: (170 MB) (127 MB) (flash player of MP3 file) Listen with headphones for the win -- was recorded with in-ear microphones. Brian IRC

Test minutes 2008-10-10

2008-10-10 Thread Mel Chua
Notes and action items from this week's test meeting are up! (Sending this to devel, sugar, and techteam as an fyi - future emails of this sort will only go to, so join in if you want to hear the updates.)

#8106 - a testing case study

2008-10-10 Thread Mel Chua
this visible to users next time.) 4. Close bug. (Reality: Close bug. Yay!) -- Mel Chua QA/Support Engineer [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ Devel mailing list

[Fwd: 8.2.0 blockers stats and status]

2008-09-29 Thread Mel Chua
Whoops - should have sent this to the lists as well. All of these stats are public and grabbed from Trac. Original Message Subject:8.2.0 blockers stats and status Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 07:40:36 -0400 From: Mel Chua [EMAIL PROTECTED] Organization: One Laptop Per

What is the URL of the community-created G1G1 QA database?

2008-09-26 Thread Mel Chua
the Repair page on the Wiki, I realized that there was no Software Troubleshooting Guide. Perhaps a mob-generated approach is best, but I have yet to be convinced. Mel, can you find this site and see what resulted ? wad On Sep 26, 2008, at 10:33 AM, Mel Chua wrote: I remember a volunteer

Re: electricity table (Google Docs)

2008-07-18 Thread Mel Chua
Try this link: On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 7:42 PM, Bobby Powers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi Mia this sounds really interesting, how can I find out what the different scenarios are? I don't use google docs a lot, is there just a

Project hosting application: Bundlemaker

2008-06-03 Thread Mel Chua
- -- #1 mchua Mel Chua 7. Preferred development model [X] Central tree. 8. Set up a project mailing list: [X] No 9. Commit notifications [X] No commit notifications, please 10. Shell accounts already have one

Re: Notes from Nepal lunch with Rabi

2008-05-31 Thread Mel Chua
Community: could I get a volunteer to wiki-fy this? Done. ___ Devel mailing list

Re: [Grassroots-l] Turkish keyboard layout

2008-05-25 Thread Mel Chua
Wikified for future viewing pleasure, since more people will undoubtedly want to do this in the future - please improve! I can't do much more than post these notes, having never done keyboard layouts myself. (Also linked to from

OLPC grassroots events in June

2008-05-23 Thread Mel Chua
forward this out to your friends in LUGs, meetups, co-ops, clubs, and the like. See for more information. If you'd like to help unorganize the event, or run part of the open space there, please contact Mel Chua at mel at http

Project hosting application: SimpleRPG

2008-05-06 Thread Mel Chua
(attached) [EMAIL PROTECTED] mchuaMel Chua [EMAIL PROTECTED] 7. Preferred development model X] Central tree. Every developer can push his changes directly to the project's git tree. This is the standard model

Re: networking scenarios

2008-04-12 Thread Mel Chua is the project that SJ referenced, and they are indeed going forth with XOs for the first prototype (last I heard - supposedly they will deploy the prototype next week, based on the conversation that I had with the folks there last week). They

Re: [OLPC-GSoC] [sugar] Summer of Code update, meeting tomorrow 2100 UTC

2008-03-25 Thread Mel Chua
The chat log on Google Summer of Code from Saturday, for those who couldn't make it, is here, and answers what will probably be some of the more frequently asked questions on projects, mentoring, and what OLPC is looking for: (also linked from

Re: [sugar] Summer of Code update, meeting tomorrow 2100 UTC

2008-03-24 Thread Mel Chua
I offered to clean up and post the notes if someone would email me a log (I was on web chat on a borrowed computer, and don't have logs of my own from the conversation). The offer still stands, so if someone has the raw log from the meeting Saturday, please email me and I'll shine them up and

Re: Staffing of an OLPC Booth at PyCon, volunteers needed

2008-02-22 Thread Mel Chua
I'll be at PyCon after all (yay TOPP!). I'm not sure exactly when and where and what I'm doing yet, but if someone keeps me in the loop, I'll gladly help with OLPC stuff at PyCon as best as I'm able. I'm sure others will be drifting around as well. -Mel On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 2:19 AM, Edward

Re: project application: OLPC Europe

2008-02-12 Thread Mel Chua
2008/2/11 Iain (ixo) D [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I'm not sure what the original request was for.. Are you writing a software Activity called 'OLPC Europe' ? -ixo From the original email: ...would like to apply for a project hosted on laptop.orgs infrastructure, currently mostly to have a central

Re: age appropriate development

2008-02-10 Thread Mel Chua
Kent, Have you tried the library mailing list? ( It tends to have more education-related discussion along with people with instructional design education backgrounds that might be able to fill you in on what's been done so far with age-related categorizations.

Re: Staffing of an OLPC Booth at PyCon, volunteers needed

2008-01-31 Thread Mel Chua
I've forwarded this to the olpc-chicago list (for those of you going to PyCon this year, it may be worth temporarily joining the list and introducing yourselves; there are several active university chapters there along with some independent developers working on projects). Also see [[OLPC

Re: [OLPC library] MATLAB for OLPC?

2008-01-29 Thread Mel Chua
I happened to mention this email thread to a friend who works at Mathworks on MATLAB and related code. The part of the conversation that contains some notes on MATLAB and the possibility of a port or a release of the earlier version follows. The short version is that port/earlier-version-release