Re: How do I get the contents of POST variables?

2009-06-19 Thread Schley Andrew Kutz
I thought that the entity is what I should be looking at, thanks! I know that they are different, but some frameworks already provide a single call to fetch the data, and I have found it useful in the past. -- -a Ideally, a code library must be immediately usable by naive developers,

Premature EOF / Broken Pipe

2009-06-19 Thread Timothy Aanerud
Hi, I'm having a communications problem between a client/server application both using Restlet 1.1.1 (and since upgraded to 1.1.5). The client and server are both running on Fedora 10, OpenJDK-6 build 14. The client posts a status resource message to the server to exchange status information

RE: Premature EOF / Broken Pipe

2009-06-19 Thread Timothy Aanerud
As a test, I moved the client code to a Windows XP machine. With a five second update rate it fails regularly too, with the same exceptions and stack traces. --

RE: 2.0m3 and content negotiation

2009-06-19 Thread Jerome Louvel
Hi Bruno, I was surprised to get your email so I've tried a similar test with SVN trunk (no change in this area since 5104) and it works just fine. I never get 406 because the conneg algorithm always try to fall-back on one of the variants if it exists. The test file uses is attached.