Re: [bug] Export to latex truncates long subsections (WE attached)

2020-11-19 Thread Julius Dittmar
: Have org add something invisible after a heading in case that heading's body is empty. That makes page breaks possible (after that invisible something) without changing the behaviour for non-empty sections. Just my thoughts, Julius Dittmar

Re: Archiving repeated tasks under corresponding date tree for each repeated item

2020-11-02 Thread Julius Dittmar
requirements: Copying that task for each repeat. There's a command (org-clone-subtree-with-time-shift) that lets you copy a task easily. With that you have different tasks that can be archived separately. I did never use this approach myself though. Perhaps that helps, Julius Dittmar Am 29.10.20

Re: preserving (zero-space) indenting in begin_src when exporting/publishing (to mark-down)

2020-10-28 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi Martin, if I understand correctly, you do not want to have a section that quotes source code, but literal source code. As far as I understand, that means using #+begin_export markdown ... #+end_export block, not #+begin_src markdown ... #+end_src block. That block will then be ignored in any

Re: Bug: :results raw replace header args for a code block don't replace [9.3.7 (9.3.7-18-g093b47-elpaplus @ /Users/skoshelev/.emacs.d/elpa/26.2/develop/org-plus-contrib-20200810/)]

2020-08-21 Thread Julius Dittmar
There's no end marker. Thus instead of removing everything that follows, it refrains from removing anything. HTH, Julius Dittmar

attachments and inheritance (bug?)

2020-07-09 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hello friends, either I misunderstood something or I stumbled upon a bug. Situation: I have a heading with some files attached. This heading has an ID property, upon which the directory for those files is based. There's also a subheading with no ID. Inside of that subheading I'd like to link to

Re: Splitting large org file into smaller ones

2020-05-30 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 30.05.20 um 17:36 schrieb William Denton: > On 30 May 2020, Marvin M. Doyley wrote: > >> How do I export the subtree to separate org files, say >> >> - >> - > > I'll throw out an uninformed suggestion of a

Re: Problem with LaTeX class scrlttr2

2020-04-04 Thread Julius Dittmar
How do you produce (or try to produce) LaTeX/pdf? The Unknown LaTeX class message is something emacs throws when using export to latex (C-c C-e l l). This has nothing to do with your LaTeX installation; it does not reach the point of invoking LaTeX. It tells you there's no setup for scrlttr2

Re: Bug: org-table-insert-column edits formulas wrongly [9.3 (release_9.3 @ /usr/local/Cellar/emacs-plus/HEAD-9d38564/share/emacs/28.0.50/lisp/org/)]

2020-03-31 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 31.03.20 um 16:05 schrieb Nicolas Goaziou: > Note that adding a column to the beginning of the row is easy: just type > "|" near the beginning of the first cell. Does not seem correct. I had table #+begin_src org | 1 | 2 | | 3 | 4 | #+end_src Adding a | at the beginning of the first cell

Re: is it possible doing a "smart tri-fold brochure" with org-mode?

2020-03-28 Thread Julius Dittmar
I know there are LaTeX packages / classes for several forms of brochures. Those might be used by org-mode. Am 27.03.20 um 21:44 schrieb Hi. The tri-fold brochure is also known as 'tryptich' A simple web search defines it as: --8<---cut

Q: add contents of a property to LaTeX export?

2019-10-30 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi folks, I would like the org export to add a line containing one property entry (ID for example) to the LaTeX export for every heading. Ideally I'd like this to be added to the org-latex-classes configuration. I'd like to call a macro \mysection{..content of ID property..}{..heading line

Re: [O] export, excluding everything marked with special tags

2019-09-20 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 20.09.19 um 14:04 schrieb John Kitchin: > One way is to put a list of tags (separated by spaces) in a file > property like this: > > #+EXCLUDE_TAGS: one two Thanks! Julius

[O] export, excluding everything marked with special tags

2019-09-20 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi, I know it's possible to define one tag's name to block org from including any heading tagged like that from exports. Is it possible to have more than one such tag defined? If so, how can that be done? Thanks in advance, Julius

Re: [O] Disallow empty tags

2019-09-03 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 02.09.19 um 18:48 schrieb Dmitrii Korobeinikov: > Creating an empty tag renders TAB-completion useless. > > Example: > > * Title     :a::b: > > Pressing TAB in org-set-tags-command will now insert a colon `:`, which > is quite puzzling to see. > I thought something was wrong w/ my bindings till

Re: [O] minimal testing setup for pdf export?

2019-08-28 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 28.08.19 um 01:33 schrieb Matt Price: > huh.  that was kinda cool... but the value of default-directory seems to > be correct.  However, this helped a bit: > > #+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp > (shell-command-to-string "echo $PWD") > > #+END_SRC >   > > #+RESULTS: > : /home/matt/src/org-mode > > Not

Re: [O] minimal testing setup for pdf export?

2019-08-27 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 27.08.19 um 12:34 schrieb Matt Price: > This is pdfTeX, Version 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.20 (TeX Live 2019/Arch > Linux) (preloaded format=pdflatex) >  restricted \write18 enabled. > entering extended mode > ! I can't find file `empty.tex'. So pdflatex is called and found. Then pdflatex can't find

Re: [O] [bug] Export to latex truncates long subsections (WE attached)

2019-08-27 Thread Julius Dittmar
}. I did never dig into the export functions, so I don't know how difficult that would be. Just my thoughts, Julius Dittmar

Re: [O] [bug] Export to latex truncates long subsections (WE attached)

2019-08-26 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi Vladimir, I see two problems in the generated LaTeX-file you'd need to address. First, LaTeX has problems handling URLs in section (or subsection) headers. That's one of the reasons LaTeX chokes on the second run of that file -- it's only partially generated, not completely. The second is

Re: [O] LaTex Output with Index

2019-05-16 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 15.05.19 um 11:02 schrieb Fraga, Eric: > On Tuesday, 14 May 2019 at 23:58, Robert Love wrote: >> However, I have one hitch. How do I generate an index with an entry >> that has an “@“ symbol in it? > > Unfortunately, this is beyond my latex-fu. May have something to do > with @ being a

Re: [O] Incorrect clock duration calculation

2019-05-07 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi, Am 07.05.19 um 11:07 schrieb Martin Schroeder: > I noticed that on timestamps that begin or end at 00:00 the org mode > org-evaluate-time-range function seems to produce wrong results. Here > are some examples: > > For example, this should produce 2:00 duration: > CLOCK: [2019-04-19 Fri

Re: [O] Tracking time from one state to another?

2019-04-20 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi Marcin, Am 19.04.19 um 06:37 schrieb Marcin Borkowski: > Are those :LOGBOOK: drawers real? They are not sorted chronologically, > as they probably should be (though I'm not sure, I don't se them much). They are. With the newest entry at the top. Yours, Julius

Re: [O] How to avoid \title{} and \date{} in latex export

2019-04-10 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi  Flávio, perhaps you could add something like (untested) #+LATEX_HEADER: \renewcommand{\title}[1]{} \renewcommand{\date}[1]{} to your org-file? It's not exactly what you asked for, but it might alleviate your problem. HTH, Julius Am 10.04.19 um 18:10 schrieb Flavio Leonardo Cavalcanti de

Re: [O] Task repeat every weekday?

2019-01-23 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 23.01.19 um 14:16 schrieb Stig Brautaset: > Is there a way to make this into a repeating TODO that shows only on weekdays? I did not yet find a way to meet all your requirements. Here's what I found up to now: Either create 5 separate repeating tasks, one per weekday, with a repeat of ++1w, or

Re: [O] meaning for _ (and perhaps ^) temporalily changed

2018-12-10 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi Ruda, Am 10.12.18 um 11:32 schrieb Rudolf Sykora: > is there a way to *temporalily* disable the default interpretation > of _ as a subscript? > > I use filenames which include _ , how about enclosing those filenames in a pair of = signs to mark the filename itself as text to be passed

Re: [O] Placement of \makeatletter with \beamer@frametextheight

2018-11-29 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 29.11.18 um 09:13 schrieb Julius Dittmar: > Am 29.11.18 um 08:17 schrieb Loris Bennett: >>> #+latex_header: >>> \makeatletter\let\mytextheight\beamer@frametexheight\makeatother >>> #+attr_latex: :height 0.75\mytextheight Oh, or perhaps just a typo is

Re: [O] Placement of \makeatletter with \beamer@frametextheight

2018-11-29 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi Loris, I don't know beamer enough to propose an elegant solution. Nonetheless I have ideas what might go wrong here. Am 29.11.18 um 08:17 schrieb Loris Bennett: >> #+latex_header: >> \makeatletter\let\mytextheight\beamer@frametexheight\makeatother >> #+attr_latex: :height 0.75\mytextheight

Re: [O] [feature] Handle recurrence in <> and [] dates

2018-11-06 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi Leo, if you want a task to re-open at a later date upon closing, add a line of :REPEAT_TO_STATE: TODO to the PROPERTIES drawer of that task. Hth, Julius

Re: [O] Help with sharing emacs-org presentation

2018-10-30 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi Martin, Am 30.10.18 um 20:01 schrieb Martin Schöön: > My own mantra for preparing slide-packs is to minimize text. I want > the audience to listen to me rather than reading text on my slides. > My 2 cents... please don't overdo that. People have quite different ways of taking in information.

[O] babel noob question: how to have babel create png using tikz?

2018-10-14 Thread Julius Dittmar
a] {B}; [->] (a) -- (b);" Where's my mistake? Thanks in advance, Julius Dittmar #+begin_src elisp :exports none :eval never-export (org-babel-do-load-languages 'org-babel-load-languages '((latex . t))) #+end_src #+header: :file test.png :fit yes #+hea

Re: [O] How to make agenda generation faster

2018-10-09 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi Marcin, I can't advise as to profiling to find out what really bogs down agenda building. I found that log messages do bog it down. I have a lot of recurring tasks, which accumulate log entries for every closing (which in fact means rescheduling to the next day). Every two to three months I

[O] can capture create search links?

2018-09-29 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi Samuel, as to org I only have user status, so there may be better solutions for you. Am 29.09.18 um 00:20 schrieb Samuel Wales: > what i'd like is for capture to produce a link that, when clicked, > will search through my agenda files and text search extra files for a > matching header. I

Re: [O] Latex export with \begin{equation}

2018-09-13 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 13.09.18 um 15:31 schrieb Dominik Schrempf: > so I found the reason. Both Org versions behave the same, sorry for the > confusion. The original equation that does not get exported correctly > contained > angles: > > \begin{equation} >   = \frac{\sum_i w_i k_{eff}(i)}{\sum_i w_i}. >

[O] export org file ignoring presence of :export: tags

2018-07-26 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi, I'm still an elisp beginner, so please bear with me. I would like to be able to fully export org-mode files which make use of the :export: tag. Easist solution would be to remove the :export: tag, but usually I want it's effect. But from time to time I need the full text exported. I tried:

Re: [O] Bug: List of TODOs does not appear in agenda view [9.1.13 (9.1.13-elpaplus @ /Users/mic/.emacs.d/elpa/org-plus-contrib-20180611/)]

2018-06-26 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 26.06.2018 um 14:45 schrieb Michaël Chlon: > Well it is very simple: > > * > Open a file ".org" in emacs > * > press: C-c-a a or C-c-a t and do not see any TODO. I have presed the > shortcuts that spacemacs provide but nothing ... > * > I also try with timestamp and

Re: [O] org master: make fails

2018-05-30 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 30.05.2018 um 12:36 schrieb Nicolas Goaziou: > Julius Dittmar writes: >> on two of my computers, both openSUSE-based with org-mode current master >> and current texlive installed, make fails. >> >> The last messages are: >> >> make -C doc info >> m

[O] org master: make fails

2018-05-29 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi, on two of my computers, both openSUSE-based with org-mode current master and current texlive installed, make fails. The last messages are: make -C doc info make[1]: Entering directory `/XXX/git/org-mode-CURRENT/doc' emacs -Q -batch --eval '(setq vc-handled-backends nil org-startup-folded

[O] ask emacs to evaluate id file

2018-05-21 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi, how can I tell emacs org-mode to read the link information written in ~/.emacs.d/.org-id-locations ? I confirmed that's the file that gets written by M-x org-id-update-id-locations, but even though the id linked to in a [[id:XYZ]] link is included in this file, emacs cannot follow that link

[O] how to have log line written into LOGBOOK drawer

2018-05-21 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi, I use a function written by John Kitchin which, among other things, does some logging. It uses (org-add-log-setup 'state   (format "Review Priority %s" new-review-priority)   current-review-priority   'time) for that, where new-review-priority and current-review-priority contain strings.

Re: [O] LOGBOOK note entries in functions

2018-05-04 Thread Julius Dittmar
Thanks a lot, John, for your efforts. I'll play with it and come back once questions arise. Yours, Julius

[O] Q: setting/changing search path for links by id

2018-05-02 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi, I'd like to use links for cross referencing. As filenames are very prone to change in my system, I'd like to use IDs for those links. What I could not fathom yet is how the search path for those IDs is created. Is there a way of (session-globally) setting that search path, in a specialized

[O] coding help needed: set, increase and log review priority

2018-05-02 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi, lisp is still a mystery to me, so I need help coding some functions I would like to use. What I want is a property 'ReviewPriority', which can take integer values, and a property 'LastReview'. I need functions that - increase ReviewPriority by one, assuming an initial 0 if there's no value

Re: [O] org-wikinodes.el and "invalid format operation %%\"

2018-04-09 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 09.04.2018 um 12:22 schrieb Michael Maurer: > Ok, figured it out. This only happened in files with > > #+TODO: 20% 30% 40% 50% 80% 70% 90% 95% Maybe a stupid question, but: Is the inversion of direction -- 70% after 80% -- intended? Could that be the stumbling point? > as part of its to-do

Re: [O] Exponential numbers in latex table export

2018-03-29 Thread Julius Dittmar
On 29.03.2018 10:37, Carsten Dominik wrote: I believe I ended up using this because I wanted something that is not dependent on having math-mode in the table column.  What I would have really preferred is "%s\times10^{%s}", but that is less stable because you need then to know if the column

Re: [O] does this pandoc error look familiar to anybody?

2018-03-25 Thread Julius Dittmar
On 25.03.2018 00:58, Samuel Wales wrote: i then tried .latex and went to line 590 and did not find anything unusual, nor that line. but it was a list. must lists not be nested? How deeply are those lists nested? LaTeX has a maximum on that as well: 4 levels of a specific kind of list, and

Re: [O] Feature request: shrink according to alignment (was Re: Org table columns without width cookies get shrunk on TAB)

2018-02-21 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 21.02.2018 um 12:45 schrieb Nicolas Goaziou: > I agree right-aligned -- and center-aligned -- fields are not perfect, > but I cannot think of a good design for these at the moment. OK. I can live with that. Julius

Re: [O] Feature request: shrink according to alignment (was Re: Org table columns without width cookies get shrunk on TAB)

2018-02-19 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 19.02.2018 um 10:58 schrieb Nicolas Goaziou: > Julius Dittmar <> writes: >> I think what the OP really would like is something like this: remove >> leading whitespace until everything can be displayed or no more leading >> whitespace remain

Re: [O] N tasks per week with sexp diary entries

2018-02-18 Thread Julius Dittmar
On 18.02.2018 08:43, Gour wrote: In my case, there is no fixed schedule per week, but it simply depends on my free time which does vary from week to week and I only want to be sure that I did fixed number of workouts per week. Moreover, if e.g. the program does last 10 weeks, I most probably

Re: [O] Feature request: shrink according to alignment (was Re: Org table columns without width cookies get shrunk on TAB)

2018-02-15 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 15.02.2018 um 14:44 schrieb Nicolas Goaziou: > Hello, > > Eric S Fraga writes: > >> For Nicolas or anybody else, I have a feature request. Would it be >> possible to shrink columns taking into account the alignment of the >> column? For instance, I have a right aligned

Re: [O] when/how are org-mode settings loaded

2018-02-08 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 08.02.2018 um 14:08 schrieb Julius Dittmar: > Hi Jack, > > thanks for the answer. > > Am 08.02.2018 um 13:44 schrieb Jack Henahan: >> Could you post your config? > > I shy back from that because the config -- a strongly modified version > of the configuration pu

Re: [O] when/how are org-mode settings loaded

2018-02-08 Thread Julius Dittmar
Thanks for any hints, Julius > On Feb 8, 2018, at 03:42, Julius Dittmar <> wrote: >> Hi, >> >> I'm an emacs-newbe, so please bear with me. I must be doing something >> wrong and I have no idea where to look. >> >> If my emacs-s

[O] when/how are org-mode settings loaded

2018-02-08 Thread Julius Dittmar
Hi, I'm an emacs-newbe, so please bear with me. I must be doing something wrong and I have no idea where to look. If my emacs-starting sequence is 1. call emacs with no arguments (and a config file adding various org-mode settings) 2. launch org-mode agenda once 3. open a file with .org suffix

Re: [O] [RFC] Moving "" into core

2018-01-23 Thread Julius Dittmar
Am 23.01.2018 um 16:19 schrieb Kaushal Modi: > There is another issue with "begin_src org" blocks. If your example > contains a link, you only see the description part, not the whole > syntax. Thus > > #+begin_src org > [[path][description]] > #+end_src > >