Note about use of Gitlab for Social media & PR

2018-04-16 Thread Oliver Propst
Hi, a notice about that the engagement team are now testing to track/handle social media & PR on GitLab as a dedicated project under Engagement, see ia-and-PR/issues We're optimistic that this represent an improvement in the

Re: Gnome_Release party English summary

2018-04-16 Thread Elle O
Are you looking for promotion within China or abroad/the US? I think I also know some people from the Beijing Linux User's group. If you're looking for posting opportunities outside the usual stuff you might want to consider Wechat and QQ for within China, and also Project Pengyou for reaching

Reminder | GNOME Engagement Meeting Tuesday April 17th

2018-04-16 Thread Nuritzi Sanchez
Hi All, This is a quick reminder about the GNOME Engagement team meeting on *Tuesday, 2018-04-17 (April 17th) at 15:30 UTC*. At that time, join the #engagement channel and join us via voice call. You can join the call by clicking the link below or dialing in on your phone: *Join the call: