Re: UDA refutation take 2

2011-11-22 Thread Pierz
OK, at last some time to sit down and reply properly. I want to come back on this point about measuring proportions of an infinite set - the measure theory you speak of. Now it seems clear enough that to measure such proportions (say, the proportion of even numbers in the set of natural numbers)

Re: UDA reducing physics to number theory

2011-11-22 Thread Stephen P. King
On 11/21/2011 10:19 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote: Hi, I will answer Johnathan's question asap, but I have three busy days and I want to take some time to do that. The answer is, imo, contained in the conclusion of UDA, and made clearer (technically) with AUDA, but I guess I shopuld explain this

Re: Amnesia, dissociation and personal identity (was: QTI, Cul de sacs and di...

2011-11-22 Thread Nick Prince
On Nov 15, 12:11 am, Russell Standish wrote: In principle, yes. What you are talking about is quantum erasure. It should even be possible to do it without forgetting the current worldline (in which case one is really finding a consistent continuation of the current