On Nov 15, 12:11 am, Russell Standish <li...@hpcoders.com.au> wrote:
> In principle, yes. What you are talking about is "quantum erasure". It
> should even be possible to do it without forgetting the current
> worldline (in which case one is really finding a consistent
> continuation of the current worldline that happens to be very similar to
> the destination worldline). This would be rather similar to
> teleportation type scenarios where instead of just teleporting through
> space, one teleports through time. How this might be arranged
> practically seems even more removed than than the space case, but
> theoretically it should be similar.
> I'm not at all sure how you might refute QTI using this, but please elaborate.
> Cheers
Hi Russell

Is teleportation through (space)time not just the same as Bruno's UDA
argument where a delay in the reconstitution takes place?

If we were to be sure that the universe was just a level 1 type but
was infinite in space and time, would you not think that a consistent
continuation through time  for any of our observer moments would be
necessary  since eventually some worldine which could act as such a
consistent continuation will occur.

This seems to support QTI not refute it.

Kind regards

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