Re: [Evolution-hackers] Camel calls causing hangs?

2009-06-24 Thread Milan Crha
On Tue, 2009-06-23 at 22:43 +0200, Filipe Nepomuceno wrote:
for(j = 0; j  uids-len; i++)
  ^^^ use 'j' here?

Try to differentiate between hang and busy loop, there is a little
difference between them :)

Also, those returned CamelObjects are supposed to be unreffed too, not
just free your array. Even I cannot tell you from this code part, as
it's not complete. (Those mail-ops functions I pointed you earlier are
unreffing arguments itself, at the end, thus in the best you should ref
them, and when done with them unref them. There is no reffing necessary
when you use it in the done callback only, but when you left the
callback and still need the pointer, then there should be a ref and
unref done. Just to ensure you'll not lose the pointer before you are
done with it. I think. Check the code where those are used in

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Re: [Evolution-hackers] GNOME 3.0 - Evolution plans IRC team meeting

2009-06-24 Thread P Chenthill
I will not be able to attend the irc meeting today. But the following
log has the discussion we had on Wednesday night in the channel. My
opinions are put in there. It would be good if its taken into account
while discussing this in the meeting.

- Chenthill.
On Tue, 2009-06-23 at 22:47 +0530, Srinivasa Ragavan wrote:
 We have made some proposals to the release-team on GNOME 3.0 plans for
 Evolution. Specially release/scheduling specifics. Read through the
 We'll probably workout the exact schedule/decision.
 I wanted to discuss this in tomorrow irc team meeting. But due to my
 busy schedule and tight meetings tomorrow, I won't be able to make it,
 and I want to post-pone the team meeting to thursday (UTC 10:00) just
 this time. Sorry, if this is a late notice.
 Try to make it or keep me informed if you have some
 suggestions/thoughts. TIA.
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seb128 srag: hi
seb128 srag: you 2.26 to be 2.28 and 2.27 to be unstable is a very not cool 
seb128 your 
seb128 srag: it basically means let's screw all those who track GNOME 2.27 
and have already updated to 2.27.n
xkahn !  The final composer addressbook bug seems to be related to whether 
the data has finished loading when you press enter.
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srag hey seb128 
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xkahn no...  I can't reproduce...
xkahn :(
srag but do you think 2.28 will be stable with eds/dbus port and KB merging? 
or delaying that would stabilize 3.0 ?
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srag seb128, but do you think 2.28 will be stable with eds/dbus port and KB 
merging? or delaying that would stabilize 3.0 ?
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andre if current 2.27.x is stable enough and does not contain dbus-port and 
kill-bonobo it should become 2.28. evo should branch very early (soon) for 
2.29.x and get dbus and kill-bonobo in.
andre but i think that's discussed by the evo team
andre seb128, ^^
chen yes, i would like to see if we can get a window for three major things 
lined up for calendar along with older patches (which I have noted in my 
release machine),
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chen * cache rewrite - ,
chen Gsoc eds optimization patches and google calendar replaced by caldav at 
the backend 
andre so who maintains the addressbook and can finally review 556061?
srag andre, chen but that leaves master out of testing for quite some time.
chen my other worry is many good patches which inbolves more changes have not 
been taken into trunk. i just heard from mcrha early w.r.t caldav which we need 
to look at..
srag its as simple as merging late.
chen srag, so if these are covered, i have no issues :)
andre srag: well, distros are free to package master for testing
srag chen, the patches ?
andre kill-bonobo is available for fedora
andre ubuntu can also package it
hggdh er
andre er?
chen srag, i have noted some which break freezes, but really good to have. I 
have the list on another system in office. i can mail them across
chen as a reply back to thread..
srag andre, but honestly, people won't use it, unless its the *official* 
hggdh andre, yes, I guess we could. But it will be a PPA release, not a main
srag chen, we can take up that.. not a problem.
andre hggdh, sure
srag andre, Im fine to have both 2.27.x and 2.26.x released till 3.0 comes 
chen but have not covered the patches which have not committed in stable. i 
think all individual maintainers have to look at the patches on the components 
to just ensure..
andre srag, encourage people to do so
hggdh srag, the issue is we already delivered 2.27.3 to Karmic, going back 
will be a pain
andre there's blogs and mailing lists.
srag hggdh, if its a matter of version, we can work that out.. cache 
shouldn't be a problem.
srag hggdh, but I understand your issue 
andre that's why i currently also favor making 2.27.x - 2.28.x and branch 
very early (and to be very conservative for 2.27.x for the rest of the time)
srag andre, right, I love that proposal really, but Im afraid, it would miss 
the good amount of testing that can happen if its called 2.27.x :(
hggdh andre, +1
andre srag, what is it?
srag the master branch 
srag Im trying to recall something that happened with gdm, dont know the 
exact releases/numbers
andre archlinux and debian still ship gdm 2.20 in their current unstable
andre i don't think it's that similar though
srag not similar, but would be great, if distros ship 2.27.x and together 
with 2.26.0 for