[Evolution-hackers] Evolution 2.24 released

2008-09-25 Thread Srinivasa Ragavan
Hello Everyone, The Evolution Team is pleased to announce the release of * Evolution 2.24.0 * Evolution-Data-Server 2.24.0 * GtkHTML 3.24.0 * Evolution Exchange 2.24.0 * Evolution-sharp 0.18.0 You can download the

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Evolution: Taking forward...

2008-09-25 Thread Jonathan Dieter
On Fri, 2008-07-11 at 04:21 -0600, Srinivasa Ragavan wrote: It would be really helpful if you can post a public/explicit mail with permissions to do it, or code pointers - if you think you wrote a piece of Evolution code object. Permission granted for default-mailer plugin (and any other code

Re: [Evolution-hackers] [Fwd: Evolution: Taking forward...]

2008-09-25 Thread Sam Creasey
On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 10:37:39AM +0100, Michael Meeks wrote: Hi Sam, Not sure if you saw the attached; but it'd be great to get your approval here; that is if you approve :-) could you mail the evolution-hackers list if so ? Wow, here's a blast from the past... I last committed