[Evolution-hackers] I want to prevent user from disabling a plugin

2009-10-30 Thread Gary Ilijevich
I wrote a plugin for composer.presendchecks that was patterned after Attachment Reminder plugin. I want this plugin to always be enabled. How can I prevent the user from disabling this one plugin with the plugin editor window? Thanks, gary.ilijev...@l-3com.com

[Evolution-hackers] Error trying to build evolution.2.24.2 with --disable-gnome-keyring

2009-10-25 Thread Gary Ilijevich
I am trying to build evolution with the keyring disabled. I put the --disable-gnome-keyring in the configure file and I get the following error: configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --enable-gtk-doc, --enable-ipv6, --disable-gnome-keyring I have also tried --enable-gnome-keyring=no option

[Evolution-hackers] How to create portable modules

2008-08-07 Thread Gary Ilijevich
-ldl -lORBit-2 -lgthread-2.0 -lrt -lgobject-2.0 -lglib-2.0 *** Warning: Linking the shared library liborg-gnome-calendar-weather.la against the loadable module *** libevolution-calendar.so is not portable! Thanks, Gary Ilijevich

[Evolution-hackers] help with highlighting text in composer window

2008-06-13 Thread Gary Ilijevich
Greetings, I previously posted here for help on checking the composer window text for dirty words. I used the attachment-reminder plugin as an example. Thanks for the suggestion. If a dirty word is found by my plugin; is there a good way to highlight /underline/ mark that word in the

[Evolution-hackers] Request for a new EPlugin hook in composer windowI would like to modify the Evolution Composer windo

2008-04-14 Thread Gary Ilijevich
to the composer Button bar be the best approach? The only hokk that I found in the source code for the Composer window is in the Attachment bar. Any help would be most welcome. Please respond with any questions/comments. Thanks, Gary Ilijevich [EMAIL PROTECTED