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2008-12-12 Thread Alice Hanson
Actually, it isn't a new germ. A lot of patients get it when they are on multiple antibiotics. Good handwashing technique is a must when there is c-diff. (c-dificile). Causes severe diarrhea. Alice - Original Message - From: To:

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2008-12-12 Thread Gloria B. Lane Opinion - A Hospital Germ on the WarpathYou can take some simple steps to avoid infection By Betsy McCaughey - November 1, 2008 - From the AARP Bulletin print edition Grace Voros was 85 and enjoying

Re: [Felvtalk] Question re: keeping them healthy-article

2008-12-12 Thread Rosenfeldt, Diane
Argh! My mother got C. diff when she was in a nursing home, and it was a horrible horrible thing. It didn't kill her, but it took months to clear up. She had fallen and broken a hip and a wrist, and the constant diarrhea made everything much much harder for her and her caretakers. I'm sort of

[Felvtalk] research information on FIP from Hideyo

2008-12-12 Thread Jane Lyons
Hideyo, Here is an update from the meeting with Dr. Niels Pedersen. I wonder if we could share this with the FelV group? I suggested this to Carol and she thinks that would be a great idea. Are you still member of the FelV group? If not I can ask Caroline Kaufmann to crosspost