[Felvtalk] looking for a home south-east Louisiana

2010-11-04 Thread Mary Lou
I have a sweet black female felu and fiv positive. My great neighbors dumped her outside without food or water and then left the dump of a house. I fear for her life outside and cannot bring her inside. The neighbors are starting to work on the house and I am concerned she may get trapped

[Felvtalk] Abbey

2011-04-05 Thread Mary Lou
Have to wait until 16th. Rick is off on 9th. He saw her on 2nd- ten days after 14 teeth pulled. I can only get her to eat watered down food such as kitten food, baby food, a/d, some fancy feast. She sits on my lap and eats usually. I got her to eat with a 500 mg lysine mixed in with food

[Felvtalk] babies and seafood

2011-07-15 Thread Mary Lou
After the bp mess in the Gulf, I stopped bringing home Gulf fish and sharing cooked fish with the cats. I fear this will be a really bad deal. Many people I have met are terribly ill that worked around it and dive in it or eat Gulf fish. Scarey.

[Felvtalk] testing

2011-07-25 Thread Mary Lou
I know I have read there is a chance of a false positive with the snap test. I was wondering if the same with the Elisa test? Thank you. ___ Felvtalk mailing list Felvtalk@felineleukemia.org

[Felvtalk] Elisa or snap test

2011-07-25 Thread Mary Lou
Okay, my vet did the 3 way snap in the office with a positive result and I want a re-test. They send the blood to a local vet or lab and do a deep well Elisa. If this deep well Elisa test also has false positives, I will not do it. I can't see wasting money for a possible false positive. I

[Felvtalk] vets un-informed

2011-11-21 Thread Mary Lou
I believe it is a lot of miss or incomplete info the vets get during training and in college. I have a relatively young vet and he is unaware of how a cat can test positive twice on snaps and now be negative on a deep well. I am blue in the face trying to explain.

[Felvtalk] urine odors

2011-12-16 Thread Mary Lou
How about vinegar. When we have a problem child, I pour 1/2 gal vinegar to 4 bath towels and 1 gal to a spread and wash on heavy cycle. Works every time. ML ___ Felvtalk mailing list Felvtalk@felineleukemia.org

[Felvtalk] stomatitis

2013-02-05 Thread Mary Lou
doubts about the syrup, but it works. My Abbey is FIV+ and orginally tested Felv+, but negative the 2nd and 3rd tests. She had a bad case of stomatitis and is in remission. I do not work for the group, just let people know to check it out with an open mind. I really does work. Mary Lou