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2017-11-01 Thread HowlBloom
mind to mind experiments have been done in the field of brain-machine interface since 2014. see: -- Howard Bloom author of : The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific

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2017-11-01 Thread Michel Petitjean
Dear Krassimir, dear ALex, dear All, I agree with Krassimir that ideas cannot be transmitted directly from Mind to Mind. Being a materialist, I consider that only matter exists. Does it mean that information is matter or energy? No. Let me discuss about this contradiction. Parenthesis: energy is

[Fis] mind-mind

2017-11-01 Thread Krassimir Markov
Dear Alex and FIS Colleagues, Thank you for the nice remark. I had listen about such hypothesis but till now I had no participate in any experiment of transferring ideas mind-mind. Maybe you had taken place in such experiments. Please, give link to publications in scientific issues about this

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2017-11-01 Thread Michel Godron
Prière de me désabonner Cordialement. M. Godron ___ Fis mailing list

Re: [Fis] About 10 Principles

2017-11-01 Thread Alex Hankey
RE: P1. Information is information, neither matter nor energy. M1. Information is a class of reflections in material entities. Not every reflection is information. Only subjectively comprehended reflections are information. ME: Ideas can be transmitted directly from Mind to Mind - as in Rupert