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2015-06-19 Thread HowlBloom
re: cognitive biology vs computational biology. may i suggest that you add yet one more approach to the list: linguistic biology. per the work of Guenther Witzany. also reflected in my book The God Problem: How a Godless Cosmos Creates. each approach uses a helpful metaphor. no one

Re: [Fis] FIS newcomer

2015-06-19 Thread Emanuel Diamant
Dear Jerry, Thank you for responding to my post. Thank you very much for an attempt to read and to understand my Vienna Symposium related publications. I apologize for a delay in my response - I was trying to read and to understand your papers (Algebraic Biology and

Re: [Fis] Krassimir's Notes . . .

2015-06-19 Thread Pedro C. Marijuan
Dear Howard and FIS colleagues, Many thanks for your exciting comments; dealing first with Koichiro's intriguing point on action and probabilities, I think it links with the Quantum Bayesianism we discused last year in the list (von Baeyer's FIS New Year Lecture), and also with Karl

Re: [Fis] We have different “fen clubs” depending of sympathy to one or other definition of information

2015-06-19 Thread Bruno Marchal
Dear Krassimir, I apologize because I have just realized that I have miss-replied in my last posting, and send them only to the writer of the post, and not to the list. Same for some comment I made to John Collier. I intent to send a mail where I sum up my position on the information