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2016-01-04 Thread Marcus Abundis
Hi Howard,

> Social groups compete. They battle for pecking order position in a
hierarchy of groups.<
Your chicken example seemed to be talking about behavior WITHIN groups,
where this (above) note seems to consider behavior BETWEEN groups – please
clarify? You see them as the same?

>From your brief essay it seems you imply that pecking order/status is
driven purely by memes. But then how do memes drive chicken behavior? If
memes are not involved, what is truly driving the pecking order, and how
does that then apply ACROSS systems/groups?

Your reference to conflicts around Islam include noting about differences
between Shia and Sunni sects . . . although the conflicts can easily apply
to establishing a type of pecking order.
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[Fis] JPBMB 2015 SI on Integral Biomathics: 3 free articles and reference link at ScienceDirect

2016-01-04 Thread Dr. Plamen L. Simeonov
Dear Colleagues,

I would like to share with you three out of 41 contributions to the 2015
Special Issue on Integral Biomathics focused on Life Sciences, Mathematics
and Phenomenological Philosophy
. They are
published in the Elsevier Journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular
Biology (JPBMB), Volume 119, Issue 3:

   1. *“Editorial”: *http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1SHN~I6VGOrAK,

   1. *“Yet another time about time… Part I: An Essay on the Phenomenology
   of Physical Time”*: http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1SAT6I6VGOr75,

   1. *“Integral Biomathics Reloaded: 2015”*:

The articles are available for* free access until February 16th, 2016*.
Please feel free to distribute the links to your community circles.

The entire list of contributions to this special issue can be downloaded


I wish you a peaceful and successful New Year 2016!

Plamen L. Simeonov

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