RE: [Fis] The Identity of Ethics - psotconference thought

2006-05-11 Thread John Holgate
Hi Pedro, Rafael Thanks for a fascinating session which opened up some windows and let in some (occasionally foggy)air. But I still see the possibility a future IS which will redefine metaphysics, ethics and science itself (a bit like Ted G.) where the essential shape of 'in-form-ation' is

Re: [Fis] Physical information - anyone for an anyon?

2006-07-25 Thread john . holgate
Quoting Michael Devereux [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Thanks Michael for your cogent reply. I understand Landauer's insight not as an analysis of the logical structure of information, nor of its ubiquitous utility throughout human endeavors, but rather as a more precise description of the mechanisms

Re: [Fis] fis Digest, Vol 570, Issue 2

2013-04-16 Thread john . holgate
Dear Xueshan, Another interesting source for Bateson's DTMD is inĀ 'Angels Fear: towards an epistemiology of the sacred' (1988): 'That which gets from territory to map is news of difference, and at that point I recognized that news of difference was a synonym for information'

Re: [Fis] "no new and doubtful physical concepts need to be introduced"

2016-07-18 Thread john . holgate
Steven, Joe I always understood that the action of information is the introduction of 'new and doubtful concepts' (Bateson's 'news of a difference that makes a difference') and is in fact predicated on doubt, probability, uncertainty. John H Original Message - Dear List, A