[Flashcoders] Interface IManaged was not found

2006-06-25 Thread silpa s
Hi All, I'm new to flex. i'm trying to do a sample application listed at http://java.sys-con.com/read/210991_1.htm I don't know Why i'm getting following ERROR? Interface IManaged was not found. StockQuoteDTO.as I'm using Eclipse package com.theriabook.jms.dto { [Managed]

[Flashcoders] Problem migrating Flex1.5 to Flex2.0

2006-06-21 Thread silpa s
Hi all, We have around 13 modules for the project say ABC, i've to work on one of the module and we are using Flex2.0. But the re two modules already implemented their modules in Flex 1.5. But we all share common web.xml and deploy as a single EAR file. Now how about other modules (Flex 1.5)?

[Flashcoders] Problem parsing mxml(Flex2.0B3)

2006-06-19 Thread silpa s
Hi all, I'm new to Flex. I may have to develop some RIA application using Flex2.0. I'm using Weblogic as my application server. When try to locate my index.mxml(http://localhost:7001/index.mxml), i'm getting following error. 22 Errors found. Error /index.mxml:2 Unknown attribute 'layout'

Re: [Flashcoders] Problem parsing mxml(Flex2.0B3)

2006-06-19 Thread silpa s
the tutorials and docs that comes with Flex Builder 2. regards, Muzak - Original Message - From: silpa s [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: flashcoders@chattyfig.figleaf.com Sent: Monday, June 19, 2006 12:43 PM Subject: [Flashcoders] Problem parsing mxml(Flex2.0B3) Hi all, I'm new to Flex