Re: [flexcoders] SQL lite database and Tablet problem

2012-03-28 Thread Khanh Tran
Hi Mark,

I think the problem comes from your path.
When using documentsDirectory, Flex will find the testDb.db in default folder: 
C:\Documents and Settings\userName\My Documents
(please read this article:
It will fail if no folder like this be found in your Samsung Galaxy
In my opinion, you should try with static link first: For example,
var file:File = new File(C:/YOURFOLDER/testDb.db);

Good luck Mark

Yours sincerely,
Khanh Tran

--- On Wed, 3/28/12, markflex2007 wrote:

From: markflex2007
Subject: [flexcoders] SQL lite database and Tablet problem
Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2012, 12:23 PM



  Hi friends

I developed a Air mobile application with flex sdk 4.6.0. I test it in Flash 
Builder 4.6 simulators in works fine.

but when I install the apk and test it in Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 , the sqllite 
functions seems do not work

I save the sqllite database in the following path. I guess the tablet maybe do 
not allow me to use path.

var file:File = File.documentsDirectory.resolvePath(testDb.db);

Please help me if you have idea for this.

Thanks a lot




[flexcoders] Re: Red error borders on form items before form is validated

2011-11-20 Thread Khanh
It's a focus border.
Usually, it's blue. I'm not sure how it's red in your case!
You can change the color following this example.
Thanks to Peter Dehaan for his great tip.

OR you can hide this by using the property: focusAlpha
mx:TextInput id=txtInput focusAlpha=0/

Good luck.

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dorkiedorkfromdorktown@... wrote:

 When I display my Form elements (TextInput, Combox, etc) the red error
 border is shown right away before the user even types into it. Why is this
 happening? How can I prevent it from showing a red error border when it's
 first displayed?

[flexcoders] Number Text input as Eclipse Nebula NumberFormatter widget

2008-05-16 Thread Khanh Tran
Hi all!

After two days google, I can't found any text input widget support input
number formatter use patter as ###,###,##0.00. I'm porting some Eclipse RCP
application to Flex. Please refer

The main problems is textinput's carret when user input number.

Sorry, my english not well