[flexcoders] Re: Can't get FlexUnit results to show up

2010-07-09 Thread malabriola
Nate- I am assuming that you are on Flash Builder 4 Premium as you have the FlexUnit result view. If that is not the case, let me know. Open the FlexUnitApplication.mxml, which is one of the two files that Adobe's plugin generates on your behalf. There should be a function which specifies

[flexcoders] Re: FlexUnit

2010-06-17 Thread malabriola
Hi: To use the UIListener you need 1 more Library, called the UIListener. You can get this from the downloads page at FlexUnit.org (it comes with all of the other FlexUnit downloads) If you are using FlashBuilder 4, you don't need this UIListener as they create their own when you indicate