Re: Ports after upgrade

2007-02-28 Thread Marco Hafke
Hello, which version og FreeBSD do you use? Some hints: 1. Instaed of make index you can use make fetchindex which is much more faster. 2. You should try to use portsnap instead of cvsup which is in the base since 6.2. It works pretty finde. 3. Your problem looks like a portupgrade


2007-03-02 Thread Marco Hafke
Did you read the manpage of mount_ntfs? Have a look to the writing section: There is limited writing ability. Limitations: file must be nonresident and must not contain any sparces (uninitialized areas); compressed files are also not supported. The file name must not contain multibyte

Re: win32-codecs-3.1.0.r1,1 marjed FORBIDDEN

2007-03-13 Thread Marco Hafke
Hello, this port is marked a s FORBIDDEN as long as you try to build it with Quicktime support. Simply do a make config /usr/ports/multimedia/win32-codecs and make sure that Quicktime-support is NOT enabled. Greets Marco White Hat schrieb: I have noticed that port /multimedia/win32-codecs