RE: [FRnOG] Marque Prix pour DWDM Passif ?

2011-09-07 Par sujet Bernd SPIESS
hi, if you need a dedicated specialist for wdm and sfp´s, i can recommend thomas from flexoptic as dedicated heavy focused sfp/xfp/gbic specialized company or peter for all the wdm stuff - see their contacts in cc best regards bernd On 9/7/11 2:10 PM, Ducassou Laurent

AW: [FRnOG] Cogent

2011-06-23 Par sujet Bernd SPIESS
hi sebastien your input that they reported that all the problems are solved now can be true or cannot be true - it´s marketing - you talked imho with a sales guy and not with the peering engineer who really knows about the peering situation with other european tier-1 and tier-2 networks


2011-06-23 Par sujet Bernd SPIESS
see my last written recommendations in the cogent thread a few more suggestions to find out by yourself if sparkle is an interesting alternative 1) see a customer base here: if you know anyone of these you can ask 2) analyze the

[FRnOG] question regarding panap/telehouse2

2010-01-23 Par sujet Bernd SPIESS
hi frnog list (sorry to write in english to this list - but) i have 2 questions: 1. does someone know a contact regarding panap membership or can help with it? 2. does someone has a few free heigh units at telehouse2? thanx best regards from autriche. bernd spiess http://as39912