[Audyssey] Audyssey Issue 54 in html.

2009-01-14 Thread Thomas Ward
Hello listers, Audyssey Issue 54 is now on the USA Games web site in html format. I haven't completely formatted the magazine do to a lack of time but I have properly tagged most of it so if you want to go to a link mentioned in the mag it will open it in your web browser etc. Here

[Audyssey] Issue 54?

2009-01-12 Thread Zachary Kline
Hi All, I am pretty sure I didn't miss much from my inbox last night. Nevertheless, I'm a little puzzled as to the whereabouts of Audyssey magazine, Issue 54. I can't seem to find it on any of the usual archive sites, nor is it in the gamer's list archive for that matter. I'm wondering