[Ganglia-developers] AIX Ganglia patches

2009-01-21 Thread Ulf
Hi, has anyone applied the patches from Michael Perzl (bugzilla #224 - #227). I' m not able to test the ibmpower module as I' ve no working autoconf to create a new module. The enable shared patch from #227 can' t find libtool in my download. Can somebody help me to test the patches? Ulf --

Re: [Ganglia-developers] Possible REST interface to the interactiveport?

2009-01-21 Thread Spike Spiegel
On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 2:52 AM, Brad Nicholes bnicho...@novell.com wrote: Yep, I was also thinking that a RESTful output module for gmetad-python would probably be the easiest solution I haven't used gmetad-python yet so one concern would be performances and how it'd behave having to

[Ganglia-developers] gmetad protocol and propagating errors back to the client

2009-01-21 Thread Spike Spiegel
Hi, right now when gmetad fails an error is logged and in some cases the connection to the client interrupted returning invalid XML or in other cases (item not found or broken request) the entire tree is returned. This imho is bad behavior and code should be added to inform the client of the