Re: [Gimp-developer] anti-swpat campaigner seeks pantone p atent details

2005-08-29 Thread Michael Schumacher
Von: Alastair M. Robinson [EMAIL PROTECTED] Ciaran O'Riordan wrote: The lack of Pantone support in GIMP is a useful example of how software users are harmed by software patents, but to make this claim I need to be able to point out which patents cause this problem. Is that really a

Re: [Gimp-developer] authors.xml, volunteer needed

2005-08-29 Thread Sven Neumann
Hi Tor, thanks a lot for giving authors.xml a go. Will you do another patch incorporating the suggestions that have been made on the list or should we just commit your first patch and work from there? Sven ___ Gimp-developer mailing list

Re: [Gimp-developer] Using GIMP for Paper Prototyping the Colors Menu

2005-08-29 Thread Sven Neumann
Hi, Akkana Peck [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Apparently someone (in gnome?) is working on some sort of card-sorting app to help with distributed paper prototyping. The application I am speaking of is being developed by the team behind The main advantage will be that it will