Re: GIMP 1.3x - gradients

2001-01-18 Thread Oliver Freyd


As you are talking about gradients, I have another idea about a useful kind
of gradient that maybe I could implement.

I wondered about the "shapeburst" kind of gradient, that seems
to fill a selection with a gradient depending on the distance to the border.
But you cannot choose how far the gradient will reach out from the border,
so for example if you take a black-to-white gradient, the border is always 
white and the innermost point gets black. 
So I'd like to select a point inside the selection, and the gradient
would reach out up to this point. 
To use such a gradient as a bump map might also be cool...

 comments are welcome...



Re: GIMP 1.3x - gradients

2001-01-15 Thread Sven Neumann


Martin Weber [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:

 We should change the behavior of the selection of gradients in gflare and
 we should allow functions to be used as gradients in GIMP like random in

We accept patches (or properly outlined proposals).

Salut, Sven