Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] Bringing Connectivity to Under-Served Communities

2003-11-05 Thread Robert Miller
Hello All, With regard to Ahmed's note and the great work he is doing by bringing Internet literacy to the students in his university in Nigeria, what if you could connect one Campus Content server to that Internet connection and locally store many times the content in the US Library of Congress?

Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] How Much Bandwidth is Necessary?

2003-11-05 Thread Matt Blair
Mr. James, Regarding your last question about linking villages via wireless, you may want to check in with the Jhai Foundation. They have been creating WiFi networks to link villages with each other and the internet in Laos. The project website is:

Re: [GKD-DOTCOM] Bringing Connectivity to Under-Served Communities

2003-11-05 Thread Jim Forster
Sorry for the late post...hope it's not too late for this subject. I'm Jim Forster, an engineer with cisco Systems. I thought I'd describe a small effort in Nepal that I'm helping. -- Jim 1. What activities are endeavoring to bring connectivity to under-served communities? Dave Hughes, a

Re:[GKD-DOTCOM] Connectivity Is Not The Right Word

2003-11-05 Thread Peter Burgess
Dear Colleagues, Broadband is a real enemy of development. One of my staff summed up the situation in the underdeveloped SOUTH way back in the 1970s when he said that Every year that goes by they get another 10 years behind. And broadband is the sort of technology initiative that helps make