[GKD] Southeast Asia Tsunami and the Effective Use of Community ICTs

2005-01-04 Thread Michael Gurstein
Dear GKD Members, I guess like everyone else, I've been watching the tragic events unfold on television with a sense of sadness and powerlessness. Not much that one can do from so far away except at this point to make a donation and to make the kinds of noises that get governments to move away

Re: [GKD] Should Developed Countries Subsidize the Internet for LDCs?

2005-01-04 Thread Edmond Gaible
Dear Colleagues, A quick set of numbers about a specific situation with regard to VSAT connectivity: As of September 2004, secondary schools in Uganda were able to purchase new KU-band VSAT terminals for US $2800 from the Ugandan offices of AFSAT. Monthly connection costs under volume-based

Re: [GKD] Nigeria: Silicon Valley Transplant

2005-01-04 Thread John Lawrence
In addition to David Sawe's noting that shortcuts can occur in technological development, and that there is not only one linear path of progress that all must doggedly follow, his posting contains another interesting point that should perhaps be emphasised. The 'death of distance' means that those

Re: [GKD] Nigeria: Silicon Valley Transplant

2005-01-04 Thread Jeff Buderer
This is an interesting conversation and I see the points from both sides. I think Ken is right in questioning the idea that you cannot as Tim says skip the first three stages and go straight to flying. I want to make an important distinction here between infrastructure approach and readiness and