[GRASS-user] r.digit. no zoom/pan option while digitizing ?

2008-09-23 Thread Nagesh Bhatkar
Hello Everyone, I was looking to create a raster mask by hand using r.digit module. The geocoded map is large and zooming is essential. There's no zoom/pan option while digitizing. I have to zoom into part of the raster map prior to running the module r.digit using d.zoom. I have to exit the

[GRASS-user] Compute volume of water using depth vector points.

2008-08-04 Thread Nagesh Bhatkar
Dear all, I imported and digitized a hydrographic chart for depth vector points in the ocean and vector lines along the coast enclosing these ocean waters. I am looking to the interpolate these randomly digitized depth points over a grid of any resolution and then later compute the volume of

[GRASS-user] Is mosaicing 24 bit images possible in Grass 6.2?

2008-07-03 Thread Nagesh Bhatkar
Dear all, I intend to mosaic two 24 bit images in LAT LON location. I imported a 24 bit coloured PNG image in Grass using r.in.gdal in an x-y location. GRASS treated it as a combination of three 8 bit images, one for red, one for green, and one for blue and imported them as three separate maps.