Re: [Ifeffit] Demeter on Windows 10 does not work

2018-06-08 Thread Kathy Dardenne
Dear Vadim, I am running myself Demeter 0.9.26, 64bit under win10 and do not have such trouble. But your description is similar to the problem occurring with the previous release of Demeter 0.9.26 pre2 (old path for gnuplot executable in ini file leading the same effect), did you download the

[Ifeffit] Atoms with Z bigger than 94 are missing

2018-04-30 Thread Kathy Dardenne
Am (Z=95) and Cm (Z=96) implemented in feff again? I am aware that using Z=94 for simulation of Am and Cm will likely yields similar results, by just replacing the Z in the atom output. But if it is possible without too much effort it will be nice to have. Thanks a lot. Cheers Kathy

Re: [Ifeffit] wavelet transformed XAS in Larch-0.9.24

2015-03-11 Thread Kathy Dardenne
Hi, There is already something written in python availble. Regards Kathy From: [] On Behalf Of Matt

Re: [Ifeffit] trial release #9 for Windows for Demeter 0.9.20 (Bruce Ravel)

2014-07-11 Thread Kathy Dardenne
Hello, It is just because your E-Mail program has cut a part of the link. If you take it in whole an d paste in the browser it is working. Here the links pieces are glued back. 64 bit: 32

Re: [Ifeffit] trial release #9 for Windows for Demeter 0.9.20

2014-07-09 Thread Kathy Dardenne
Hello, I just installed the new version (0_9_20_(64)_pre9) and have noticed that atoms (integrated or stand alone) cannot generate feff8 input file anymore. You can still set it up in the preference but has no action and feff8 is not anymore in the selectable options. Was it wished? Thanks

Re: [Ifeffit] Query re: Athena and Artemis user guides

2014-01-09 Thread Kathy Dardenne
Thanks a lot for the pdf version. -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Bruce Ravel Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2014 5:23 PM To: XAFS Analysis using Ifeffit Subject: Re: [Ifeffit] Query re: Athena